Trinetra offers comprehensive cold chain solutions for reputed brands globally

Trinetra Offers Comprehensive Cold Chain Solutions For Reputed Brands Globally

21 Aug 2017

Cold storage is a common preservation practice for thermally sensitive products. Many organizations today started preferring usage of refrigerated vehicle for distribution of their products to ensure quality. According to recent statistics Improper temperature controls causes an estimated loss of 1.2% to 1.5% of perishable goods that the vehicle carrying, more than spoilage of products brand name will get collapsed if the customer didn’t receive what they have requested for. So maintaining required temperature to meet customer demands is ultimate for every business, business owners in the cold storage industry should have a cold chain solution to protect. So, how can they understand each vehicle’s location and its compliance with temperature control objectives?

Simple, with the help of GPS Vehicle Tracking System business owners can track and monitor the real-time position and location of the refrigerated trucks online. Trinetra wireless is one amongst the most trustworthy & reputed brands for GPS based Vehicle Tracking solutions. We offer our clients with comprehensive cold chain solutions that help businesses in building brands globally.

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking System with Cold Storage Monitoring feature sends you alerts when the temperature level exceeds the threshold. Monitoring the temperature status of cold chain fleets during door open & close at regular intervals which is essential to prevent theft, loss, or spoilage. These features greatly help businesses to reach horizons that require exact temperature monitoring and measurement.

To know more about our comprehensive solutions, look into our case-studies or leave us an enquiry we will get in touch with you.

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