Trinetra offers Driver identification with behavior summary reports

Trinetra offers Driver identification with behavior summary reports

30 Mar 2015

Trinetra offers a complete range of web-based GPS vehicle tracking systems, and GPS fleet management solutions suitable for companies of any size and for all types of commercial vehicles. Our GPS tracking systems can be accessed on Smartphones, allowing to monitoring fleets on the move. Our GPS tracking system increases your productivity and the productivity of your fleet.

To stay on top in GPS vehicle tracking system we incorporated new Driver Behavior Tracking feature, which helps fleet managers to review every individual driver behavior and overall fleet’s performance in real time. Helps to monitor individual driver traits like speeding, engine on-time, vehicle mileage, vehicle idling, number of stops, harsh braking and acceleration will be displayed along with the Type & Location. Based on these all above given criteria Trinetra sends intelligent reports which improve driving behavior, reduce fuel costs and poor practices. Also shows demerit points that the driver has acquired based on the demerit ratings. Driver identification provides you the details of the trips made by one or all the vehicles that are assigned to the Driver in the organization. Reports will be sent via e-mail to various registered users.

Reports (in Excel, Word, or PDF formats) will showcase a fleet-wide analysis of performance scores and negative driving incidents, to easily compare drivers to each other as this increases driver accountability.

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