Trinetra Provides Insight and guidance on SMR Analysis

18 Jun 2018

For every business dealing with fleet vehicles, unforeseen vehicle repairs, ongoing maintenance and service issues can disrupt productivity. Fleet Management solution in place help businesses offers a solution in the form of fleet maintenance programs that provide complete insight on company vehicles and can even offer fleet service and maintenance alerts at pre-defined intervals.

Maintaining fleet vehicles and sending vehicles for service in optimal condition will reduce the risks and expenses associated with breakdowns while extending the useful life of vehicles. Trinetra provides     real-time support in managing the recommended and required maintenance schedules for fleet vehicles and a full range of fleet management solutions tailor-made to suit your needs.

SMR analysis from Trinetra will help to reduce service, maintenance and repair (SMR) costs. This is one of the key influencers in compiling total cost of ownership and significant barometer for selecting vehicle that has to be sent for service, maintenance/repair.

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