Trinetra releases intelligent ‘Fleet Based’ Dashboard charts

Trinetra Releases Intelligent ‘Fleet Based’ Dashboard Charts

21 Aug 2014

Trinetra, an industry leader in GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management industry, has released intelligent “fleet based” dashboard as a part of its initiative in bettering the features of its product, to increase overall product efficiency and user experience.

With the addition of this new feature in the dashboard, Trinetra has made it easier to track the details at a Fleet level providing the organization the visibility which fleet is performing better. The ability to view vehicle level data in the dashboard is already available and now combined with the option of having Fleet level info this is a very useful decision making feature.

Also the feature is made so user friendly, as to access the data of the fleet-based charts, all you have to do is to select the “Fleet Based” option and click the “load data” button to quick access the data. In addition, Trinetra provides an extensive level of reports; this fleet based chart can be seen in data view, exported in PDF and Excel formats for data analysis and decision making.

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