Trinetra releases real-time Route Deviation Reports

20 Aug 2015

The age we now live is impossible to imagine, if it doesn’t have media for transportation. Transportation bounds to touch our lives, it might be of any type for diverse industries like Mining, Food & beverage, Supply Chain, Oil & gas, Cold storage, Reefer trucks and Heavy Machinery etc.,

We @ Trinetra wireless help every industry sector for their vehicle tracking need in their way to provide seamless transportation, Trinetra’s GPS vehicle tracking solution fits for businesses of all types to keep in sight of their transportation vehicles, no matter where they are on the map as well as track inefficiencies such as deviations and delays etc., involved while transporting. Our delicately designed Vehicle tracking solution grows with your business and remits what you need most.

Route deviation is a consistent problem faced by many transportation companies; the Geo-zone feature in fleet route optimization can prevent vehicles deviating from their routes. In addition to the route deviation feature, Trinetra – industry leader in providing GPS vehicle tracking system now introduced the Route deviation reports. Our Route deviation report will let the user to view the missed stops in their assigned route. If the vehicle is travelling in a particular route and if it misses down some stop in the travelled route, those routes will be captured and shown in this report. With these advanced reports users can view all the missed stops and deviated routes.

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