Trinetra’s hassle free parent application to improve child safety

Trinetra’s hassle free parent application to improve child safety

25 Oct 2017

With the widespread usage of smartphones, it has become a necessity for every parent to take few steps ahead for kid’s safety. It’s no longer a surprise to understand that many modern parents worry for the security and safety of their children. Undeniably, these are things that make them worry.

Tracking a School Bus is a matter of caring for child safety whilst on their daily journeys to and from school, as well as on School excursions and trips. For safety and security conscious parents and schools, Trinetra parent app for school bus tracking is the answer that provides both comfort and peace of mind.

Also utilization of GPS tracking system in school bus transportation is the best approach as it assists parents to procure real-time location data of their child within no time. When you integrate the tracking system to the school transportation, you are indirectly augmenting the value of your educational services. Furthermore, the abduction and accident cases are increasing day by day, and hence it is crucial to monitor the movement of all students.

Trinetra’s hassle free parent application assures safety for the children’s during their journey to School.

The safer journey will be more comfortable. Keep your journey comfortable and safer with Trinetra, to know more in detail visit or Leave us an enquiry.

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