Trinetra’s Notification settings report

Trinetra’ s Notification settings report

30 Jul 2016

Fleet management and Vehicle tracking solutions from Trinetra is designed in a way to provide live and real-time tracking with accurate details about fleet vehicles. Our services and solution offerings solves bigger problems in smarter ways and deliver measurable business and operational benefits by providing complete visibility and control of mobile assets.

Trinetra’ s intuitive and cost-effective Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions provide fleet managers with visibility into vehicle location, speed, mileage, fuel usage and other insights along with notifications about the vehicle activity and enable them to reduce operating costs as well as increase in revenue.

To meet the increasing level of demands and to add more value to our clients services we have brought in an updated features in vehicle tracking system, Trinetra has been configured with business alerts as a single report called “Notification settings report”

Suppose, you have configured to receive notification for a vehicle and forgot totally about the same and Now, if you want to stop those notifications, you have to look around in the portal to see where you have configured. But now we have changes this approach that greatly reduces your time and makes it easy for you to generate a Notification Settings report to know what notifications you have configured in the portal to be received in your mail, mobile or both.

We always keep updating our process and concentrate on our client needs also we focus on the updates that saves your valuable time. Notification settings report is also a part of our updation. To know more in detail about Trinetra and value added features Contact us or Leave us an enquiry.

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