Vehicle tracking system with User Friendly Geozone

Vehicle Tracking System With User Friendly Geozone

01 Dec 2016

In today’s day and age GPS vehicle tracking systems were commonly used to track the vehicle location with web based tracking application. GPS tracking will be the best solution for fleet operators to know about their vehicle functions and for various purposes starting from knowing vehicle whereabouts and even preventing from theft activities.

Trinetra’ s Route planning and optimization solutions enable fleet managers to analyse the ways to make use of their resources by providing the most economical routes. With report generation and data viewing option fleet managers can manage and handle a variety of scenarios. In this route planning and optimization Geozone feature is significant, it will ensure customers get accurate information on vehicle whereabouts. Besides it facilitates transportation & logistics companies to plan their delivery schedules and meet them ontime without any unnecessary delays.

Recently Trinetra’s Geozone module is made more simple and user friendly for the users as they can assign the vehicle to the respective location during the creation of a Geozone. Creating this point of interest will allow users to mark the customer locations, pick up points, delivery locations etc., For effective monitoring and receiving the instant alerts the client can make use of geozone.

Apart from location mapping, this feature improves route efficiency that save time, money and fuel, Integration of this system will increase operational efficiency and fleet safety.

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