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Trinetra offers comprehensive solutions for your business challenges in Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management.

Trinetra is a next generation web-based GPS-powered platform providing `Real Time Automatic Vehicle Location & Tracking` to assist companies to manage their vehicles and assets. Our product integrates all 3 core elements of AVL solutions namely Location, Tracking & Security, thus providing an integrated solution for your Fleet Management requirements.

Trinetra uses industry leading web technologies and cutting-edge hardware design to bring you the highest quality of Vehicle Tracking, Digital Mapping, Fleet Maintenance, Driver Management, Route Optimization, Specialized Solutions, Notifications & Alerts, Security, and Reports.


  • User-friendly Dashboard

    User-friendly Dashboard & Reports
    Trinetra Dashboard simplifies fleet management reporting by providing summarized fleet data in easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Real Time Monitoring
    Trinetra Monitor enables you to get instant updates for your vehicle and assets on location, speed, alerts, violations, status and much more.

  • Specialized Solutions

    Specialized Solutions
    Trinetra also offers integrated solutions like mobile data terminal, driver identification, biometric & RFID, temperature sensing, remote asset monitoring, keypad integration and web services.

  • Fleet Management

    Fleet Management
    Trinetra offers customized fleet maintenance and driver management solutions to efficiently manage your schedules and also to effectively monitor the driver activities.

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Case Studies

  • GPS School Bus Tracking System for a leading educational institution to track their students at any given time on any of their buses by placing top emphasis on the safety of studen
  • Cold Storage Refrigerated Trucks Monitoring for a leading FMCG company. Trinetra provides timely information about each reefer’s location, temperature status & also triggers real
  • Trinetra has been a powerful tool to monitor the vehicle as well as to schedule the vehicle for on time deliveries. Effective maintenance plan of the services, efficient utilizatio
  • The client is a leading supplier of frozen foods & ice cream products and has a global chain of ice cream parlours. They have franchises in more than 30 countries. They have a huge
  • Trinetra wireless – Leading global technology leader specializes in delivering real-time automated GPS tracking solutions for monitoring and managing of fleets and assests. Trine
  • Fleet Management Solutions from Trinetra for a leading logistics service provider who wanted to achieve greater fleet accountability by accurately tracking the location of each veh
  • Client is one of the leading manufacturers of Aviation ground support equipment, such as manufacturing power generators, airport tractors & various power units. The client designs
  • Our client is a leading construction company involved in building and infrastructure projects. Client has widespread customers & to cater their own industrial / business needs they
  • Client is the manufacturer and exporter of large machineries worldwide. The company incorporates 42 years of experience in providing machinery solutions to a wide array of industri
  • Trinetra offers a highly customizable and robust vehicle tracking and remote diagnosis solution with best-in-class technology and real-time monitoring features for manufacturing in
  • Trinetra offers a highly customizable & robust GPS vehicle tracking & fleet management solution with best-in-class technology & safety features for the oil & gas industry to track
  • The client is a leading Waste Management Service provider. Their business activity is to collect the solid waste including Residential, Commercial, Health Care and Sewage waste & d
  • The client wanted a high precision GPS solution to track their ground service equipment vehicles in real time. Operating within any airport is no easy task and has very strict secu
  • The Client is one of the leading Sand Mining operators. Their core business is Sand mining, and it is done in the mineral-rich part of the country.
  • Corporate Fleet Management for a leading Technology-Enabled Business Solutions & Service Provider. Trinetra has provided the company with Corporate Fleet Management Solutions custo
  • Fleet Management Solutions for a leading emergency medical service (EMS) provider to monitor all important events of vehicles like ambulance start time, location, time of arrival t
  • Driver Management Solutions for a leading hospital to monitor the driver activities in real time, manage their schedules and assign tasks.
  • The client was provided with Trinetra GPS vehicle tracking solution with tyre management. Of all parts of a vehicle one of the most wearable parts is the tyre, and it’s also the
  • The client is a leading logistic service provider dealing with corporate, multinational automobile industry and stands in the forefront by providing competitive, reliable and effic
  • The client is a leading Transportation & Logistic service provider, offering transportation services to various time sensitive industries such as Sugar, Distillery, Power & Biotech
  • The client is one of the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of Knitted Garments in India. Having a huge potential for manufacturing textile products and their significant need was to
  • The Client is one of the leading Textile Processing Companies providing fabric dyeing & finishing services. After dyeing the cloth materials will be transported to various manufact
  • The client is a leading Business Process Outsourcing service (BPO) pro solutions to customer in different Industry verticals across the Globe.
  • Trinetra was provided with notification feature so that an immediate alert will be triggered in case if vehicle stops/enters into the restricted zone.
  • The client is a leading logistic service provider having a huge presence and offering delivery services to various locations in and around UAE. Their key need is to protect their c
  • Remote Generator Monitoring for a leading Generator Manufacturing / Leasing Company. Trinetra tracks & monitors all important events like generator’s location, fuel level, runnin
We give you 10 reasons
  • Integrated GPS Hardware & Software
  • Fully Hosted Cloud Computing Solution
  • Real Time Position Information
  • Sensor Integration
  • Two-way communication process
  • Alerts via Email & SMS
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Enhanced Security Features
  • Graphical Dashboard
  • Extensive Reports
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