Build your intelligent FMS using IoT on a platform by Trinetra

Aug 05, 2019

The increasing use of IoT (Internet of Things) has become evident in the transportation and logistics industry, especially in locating and managing fleets. Experts project that IoT related tech will run into trillions of dollars, in turnover soon. This transformation has already started in areas of retail and manufacturing companies, as most have started an IoT project to modernise their operations.

By adopting the right IoT project, large and medium enterprises can now connect their operations allowing the tracking of their assets remotely and triggering alerts the moment something starts going wrong owing to the real time visibility of the assets/fleet via the system. Some of the benefits are- 1. Maximise uptime and reduce downtime, 2. Reduce fuel and maintenance costs, 3. Monitor routes and driving habits.

Right Hardware & Software

Developing an FMS suitable to your operations requires the right hardware (devices) and software. Trinetra offers the right kind of solution with mobile app support, to help all stakeholders involved in the project. Using Trinetra’s proven system gives you some inbuilt benefits. Firstly, you can easily customise a solution that suits your organisation specifically. Trinetra’s FMS software is flexible and scalable to meet future requirements, more so with rapid advances in IoT. Secondly you can integrate the system with your existing analytics platform to utilise the mass of data generated. In turn it helps to develop or better the existing business and explore new ones.

Build on Trinetra’s IoT platform

Trinetra’s modules can be engineered to include temperature sensors and accelerometers and any other sensors or IoT devices, to improve the scope of remote monitoring. it can be supported by a mobile app, SIM cards or cloud service Trinetra also provides firmware updates to fix any bug even after deployment on the field. Leverage telematics to track and monitor your assets, mobile or fixed.

Trinetra can easily launch your IoT project turning the challenge into a success. The software has experts to integrate it with platforms and systems. On the other hand, you will be building on a universal platform that has products tested across the industry. Improve productivity and profitability of moving assets using the system to optimise uptime, schedules and routes.
Find how Trinetra’s integrated fleet management system with software, can help your fleet’s productivity & safety. More info at our site – Please leave an enquiry online for us to contact you. You may also request for a demo and we’ll be ready to help.

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