Four useful ways to manage drivers of vehicles and safety better

Aug 05, 2019

Many fleet management systems mandatorily take care of maintenance and inspection schedules. But driver management is as crucial as other processes, as it affects the efficiency of the vehicle and safety of man and machine. Fleet managers should have a driver management strategy in place, that allows a comprehensive look at driver productivity and overall safety of the fleet.
This is why a GPS enabled Fleet Management System (FMS) like that provided by Trinetra Wireless, has a unique advantage. This FMS is a web-based software and is actively supported by a mobile application too. Driver Management becomes easier via the GPS enabled monitoring system.
Gain Driver Management benefits. Your driver management system should be complimentary to the existing system you are running at your company. Use the software to leverage the monitoring and tracking process, to increase driver productivity plus behaviour and also to improve upon present practices related to safety and inspection. The driver management system is capable of uploading telematics data in real-time, related to the driver and assets involved, that can improve performance (like fuel and vehicle utilisation).
Streamline inspections & fuel usage. Fuel stays on as one of the biggest recurring costs in fleet operations. Monitor fuel usage and trends and compare mileage to correct and improve productivity and profitability of moving assets. Use the system to optimise scheduling and route maps. The system also supports reliable inspection and maintenance schedules with electronic reports and bettering driver involvement. Track the inspection routines and save time of assets off the road and also for drivers.
Leverage the GPS/Telematics data generated. Day-to-day tracking of the drivers and assets on the move is crucial for productivity. This is achieved by integrating the telematics devices with the FMS software. The visibility gained by managers improves proactivity and safety. It improves driver behaviour, delivery schedules, communication with customers, preventive maintenance and overall safety.
Upkeep your safety standards. With the help of the FMS software, safety can be taken care proactively. It keeps your organisation compliance and improves quality. Arrange regular safety meetings and training for staff/drivers involved and provide them with quick reference access to documents. Encourage the safety ad responsibility of drivers. Not following safety protocols may prove costly and lead to future violations, breakdowns or accidents.
Find how Trinetra’s integrated fleet management system with GPS tech helps in optimising operations. The FMS software will help your fleet to improve productivity & safety. To know more visit our site – and leave an enquiry online. We’ll contact you. You can also request for a demo. We’ll be glad to help.

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