Effective tips for Commercial Truck Maintenance using Fleet Management software

Dec 17, 2022

Commercial Truck Maintenance using Fleet Management software

Maintaining the truck in good condition is very important whether it’s old truck or new truck the quality of the vehicle must be in proper condition. Fleet management software helps optimize operations and make the monitoring process very simple. By using our FMS application, Transporters, Fleet Owners can easily manage the fleet and its maintenance processes.

Here, apart from fleet tracking there are so many useful features like Fleet maintenance, GPS vehicle tracking system, Vehicle Routing system, Enhanced security and extensive reports to support with business operation.

The effective Tips for Commercial Truck maintenance are listed below.

Inspection of vehicles

The Initial step is to make sure that vehicles are suitable for the job assigned. If the trucks are used for commercial purposes, ensure that the vehicle is right for do the tasks. Truck will travel on highways or in rural roads to avoid breakdowns, the regular monitoring and preventive measures of the truck is essential.

IOT in fleet management

An IOT based fleet management application helps user to capture & share critical insights. Based on the type of requirement IOT provide assistance in tracking and monitoring the vehicle with the exact location and relevant data. By using IOT in Fleet Management the transportation business can reduce the expenditure and improve the profit efficiently.

Engine Oil Change

The Engine oil makes the vehicle parts to move smoothly so that the damages will be at minimum level. It should be changed at regular Intervals. The Fleet manager should know the details of the component, maintain the records of the required component for the fleet vehicle which is ready for servicing or after servicing also the records must be kept properly. With the help of fleet management software, you will receive the notifications for oil change, repairing of engine, filter replacement etc.

Fleet managers can find out the preventive measures that need to be taken and tracked data’s like fuel consumption, kilometers, date, and hours by installing this software. The Fleet managers can plan the dates accordingly so that the money and time is saved. The majority of the modern fleet tracking devices helps in monitoring the performance of fleet vehicles, which can eradicate unplanned repairs. When a problem occurs, vehicle on board diagnostic application which will alert the fleet manager about which service is required for the vehicle.

Maintenance of Tire

The primary part of any vehicle is tire, so it is very important to take a look on the tire. By using the fleet management software, we can check the pressure of the tire. Checking tread depth on a regular basis is the main task in the maintenance of the truck. This will help Fleet managers avoid tire burst, improves tire life and   thereby reduce sudden breakdowns or road accidents.

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