Telematics Solution enhances safety of Hazards Chemical Tanker Trucks & Drivers

Nov 29, 2022

Telematics solutions for hazardous vehicles

Safe & secure transportation is critically important for vehicles transporting chemical and gas tankers. Fleet Management System installation in vehicles allows cargo operations company to maximize the effectiveness of their fleets. Investing in telematics technology help fleet managers to monitor driving behaviour, locate vehicles in real-time and help you could protect your workers, protect your valuable equipment and keep tab on real-time field activities.

Extensive monitoring with Telematics technology can track fleets to ensure the best utilization of assets. Carriers that carry hazardous goods are more prone to accident than the movement of other goods. Incorporating best practices for transport of Flammable liquids, Gases, Toxic substances can reduce the risk.

Telematics Solutions for Vehicles Transporting hazardous nature Goods

Prioritizing safety by Monitoring Driver Behaviour:

  • Metrics such as sudden speed, acceleration, brake rates and engine idling times are recorded and reviewed, to correct risky driving behaviours.
  • Gives data insights to monitor driver fatigue level and avoid major risks for all drivers while on road.
  • Enables fleet managers to communicate directly with drivers and ensure they’re safe and complying with regional standards in practice.

Prioritizing safety through Vehicle Maintenance:

A healthy vehicle is critical to safety, GPS broadens visibility and deepens knowledge on the security of people’s lives and property.

  • Regular vehicle servicing is one of the most vital tasks when managing a fleet, by keeping track of maintenance performed on your equipment you could fix any potential issues early on, and prevent unplanned downtime.
  • With our connected video and asset telematics solution you could keep things running smoothly and safely.
  • Set up an alert for a vehicle or asset entering a Geo location, detect any “out-of-bounds” activity or unauthorised use.

With our fleet solution you can get complete visibility of performance and problem areas within your operations and make fast decisions at times of need. Fleet managers can rely on our telematics asset tracker to accurately measure the efficiency and minimise the expenses associated with repairs and downtime.  Schedule a free demo  with our knowledgeable team and learn more about our how to get the most out of our fleet management system .

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