Data Insights & Analytics can effectively optimize your fleet operations

May 14, 2021

Data Insights can effectively optimise your fleet operations

Data generated can be effectively assimilated by an fleet management software enabled with GPS tracking and supported by a mobile application. It empowers fleet managers with insightful reports in real-time to effectively optimize operations.

Whatever the size of your fleet, large or small, your fleet management system generates a large amount of data. With the right fleet management software installed, this data can drive powerful insights which can directly impact on cost savings in operations and better performance.

Reduce Costs Overall

By leveraging fleet data insights, you get better control of your fleet operations. By translating your KPI’s, you can drive cost savings and bring about a positive impact on your operations overall. You can cut down costs with the insights you get from the software. Track all your maintenance costs for individual vehicles and also totally for the fleet. Track all maintenance costs and mileage of each vehicle and gain control of fuel costs. The software is enabled with GPS and telematics help you monitor vehicle usage, movement and driver behavior.

You Gain Actionable Insights

Actionable insights are meaningful findings that you get as a result of analyzing data generated by your system. So, you can convert the data inputs got from your vehicles, drivers, sensors on fuel spend, on maintenance schedule and from GPS tracking system to generate reports that help in decision making and action. Data Insights provide periodical assessment of the health of your vehicles to evaluate its optimal performance in its life-cycle. It can help you to right-size your fleet and plan vehicle replacement while the vehicle still carries value. You also can take measures to extend the life-span of a vehicle using insightful data.

Data on maintenance can help foresee many problems before they actually occur, making sure there’s no unnecessary downtime. Evaluation and assessment of the vehicles’ fitness ensures up-time and helps in safety and productivity. Evaluate technologies and review new models to stay ahead and also be in fleet management trends with the industry.

Insights help to plan order-to-delivery time that gives you optimal costs and savings. This also percolates to assisting Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) that ensures you the right spend on fuel and maintenance. The overall benefits also add to meeting customer demands and satisfaction.

Get Data Synchronization

The web-based FMS software is meant to pair with your fleet management system and your supporting mobile application. The fleet management solution actually synchronizes all the data generated from the system and the users’ mobile devices. All kinds of important tracking data related to location and data in real-time is made available on the user interface as per the credentials assigned and security norms. Fleet managers gain by instant visibility, save time at work and make informed decisions.

Set Benchmarks

Your fleet performance can be evaluated better by bench-marking it to similar performance data as seen in similar companies or operations. The insights let you improve operations or to optimize them, besides empowering you to make informed decision and strategies. The best-in-class benchmarks will help you measure KPI’s, help predict impact and identify opportunities.

To Conclude

An FMS software, that Trinetra Wireless offers, can be synchronized with other systems you use in your fleet business. In future you may probably be using intelligent fleet management software and most likely with AI integrated.With telematics technology and Data Analytics inbuilt our software can as simulate all information to make them more valuable, besides being insightful and meaningful to fleet managers.

So, you need the right fleet management software which is scalable and able to tackle operational inefficiencies, to identify non-compliance and other discrepancies. It helps fleet managers to address issues effectively,quickly by enabling them to make strategic decisions,helping them to hit better levels of efficiency and profitability.

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