How to maximise efficiency, safety and compliance with the right fleet management software

Jan 12, 2021

Fleet Managers today in the digital age, rely on data to develop business intelligence and the software packages provide added value and real-time functionality to the system. This also gives the manager the benefit of maintaining sustainability, safety and compliance in fleet operations or transport business. This is because the data provides a wealth of information at the managers’ fingertips to help data-driven informed decision-making. Here below are the factors involved and the benefits in implementing a fleet management software for the fleet business.

Better Data Management

With more availability of better quality data, in recent years, it has resulted in better software solutions for the business. There’s better integration & options to import the software into the fleet management system which is in place.  It enables really detailed data analysis and management in nearly all the areas of fleet management. The software can handle operations in a more automated style and so free up time for managers and administration staff.

Ease of Use and Other Benefits

The latest software is built for easy use and easy integration with a wide selection of related applications and systems, completely eliminating manual data entry. These tools require very little training and has increasing user acceptability and efficiency.

Comprehensive deployment of software is beneficial to the ROI and can be considered in a financial angle as investment. Fleet managers can quantify the time saved in administration and benefit from the huge operating cost savings gained by efficient management of fleets and drovers/

Another benefit that cannot be quantified is the compliance in perspective. It is important that fleet companies are able to show customers and partners that their fleet is safe and compliant as possible.

The intelligent fleet management software with the help of telematics can track drivers in real-time and evaluate driver behaviour and compliance against benchmarks and parameters set to monitor and promote safety and compliance.

Mobility Solutions & Apps

Mobility solutions are being integrated to software applications and the fleet management software. With the advent of mobile devices like smartphones, PDAs, tablets, etc. the mobile app also has become a useful tool for business and users of portable devices. The GPS enabled FMS software also uses telematics technology for fleet tracking, data collection and other functionalities.

Mobile apps have been built or customised and integrated with fleet management solution to provide access to the system even remotely. It allows transmission of data in real-time continuously. Notable features, that also help in safety and efficiency is offered by such apps, include:

  • Allows booking inputs for service, maintenance and repair
  • Feature to report incidents or breakdowns with GPS for location
  • Real-time updates of mileage done with digital maps
  • Option for multiple vehicle management
  • Allows uploading of images captured of incidents and vehicles
  • Data sharing between systems reduces efforts and errors in administration

To Conclude

In future, software applications are going to be more intelligent and that applies to intelligent fleet management software too. AI is likely to be integrated into the FMS system to increase functionalities and user experience, added with  telematics technology. Data analytics will make information valuable and meaningful.

Such unique software will provide the ability to understand operational inefficiencies, compliance irregularities and other discrepancies and help managers and fleet owners to address them. With the advent of connected cars, vehicles, EV fleets and automation the intelligent FMS software will enable strategic decision-making and much greater levels of operational efficiency.

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