Track your High Value Assets with Vehicle Tracking System

August 25, 2016

Track your High Value Assets with Vehicle Tracking System

Are you a business owner? have you ever come across a scenario that goes something like this?

Your company is transporting a delicate, rare or expensive product / equipment from dispatch point to the destination. Each product you have taken for shipment will be precisely packed into padded, tightly secured shipping cases. Then each case will be numbered, its contents will also be recorded and then loaded into vehicles and carefully unloaded at the destination. But somehow despite all of these safeguards, one or more of the cases gets lost, ends up missing which cannot be accounted for.

It may be hard to believe, but this happens very often. There might be various reasons either an employee steals a case awaiting for delivery or an office assistant assigns it to the wrong storage space or maybe it never even leaves the loading dock. You may never know what went wrong initially, but in the end the only questions you may have Where is it? What if it gets into the wrong hands?

Vehicle tracking system in this place help businesses to have a full picture of their assets. GPS tracking system for high value asset monitoring provides a financial security over theft or safety depending on the cost/value of the asset. Being able to know where your assets are, along with the exact locations and counts business owners can get enormous peace of mind.

Even better than that, respective stake holders will be notified once their asset is moving and also they will be able to identify its location which helps to act quickly and be proactive on taking action. Learn more about Vehicle tracking system to safeguard your high value assets. Need assistance from a leading service provider? No hesitations feel free to Contact us @ Trinetra Wireless.

Contact us today to empower your Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management requirements with TRINETRA. Want to know more about TRINETRA? You can request for a product demo here.

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