How Geofencing with GPS tech can help even small businesses to grow

Aug 10, 2023

geofencing technology

GPS tracking is gaining popularity within the business community due to several compelling reasons. It not only facilitates efficient fleet tracking for business owners but also enhances employee performance, productivity and safety, leading to improved customer satisfaction and ultimately benefiting the company’s financial performance.

Previously, GPS tracking technology was predominantly utilized by large enterprises with extensive fleets. However, in contemporary times, a well-functioning fleet tracking system can offer cost-effective hardware, comprehensive support and adaptability.

Recent advancements in technology have enabled even small business owners with two or more company-owned vehicles to leverage geofencing and vehicle location data. These GPS-enabled features allow them to closely monitor each trip and ensure accountability among their employees.

If you are contemplating the suitability of geofencing and location services for your company, then discovering the advantages of daily fleet tracking can be a game-changer. It can revolutionize customer service and business management by optimizing time and costs, increasing overall productivity, and taking your fleet operations to new heights.

Best Practices and Applications

Geofencing proves to be a highly adaptable technology with numerous applications or best practices, suitable for small business owners, particularly those relying on a fleet of vehicles for daily chores and customer service.

Fleet management

Geofencing serves as a valuable tool for efficient fleet management by providing easy access to location data and tracking for each vehicle. By setting virtual boundaries, business owners receive alerts when drivers cross these predefined areas, allowing them to track arrivals at the office, work sites, or customers’ residences.

When combined with GPS tracking, geofencing enables business owners to monitor their fleet beyond the set boundaries, helping identify instances of employees taking company vehicles home or using them for personal purposes. To ensure a smooth implementation of geofencing capabilities, it is crucial to inform employees beforehand about the tracking of vehicle movement and collection of geographical data, highlighting the benefits for all parties involved and providing reassurance about the protection of their privacy and personal data.

Asset management

For the protection of the fleet and its contents, especially when dealing with highly regulated substances like cannabis, geofencing proves beneficial. By setting up geofencing alerts, business owners can be notified when drivers leave specific areas, thus ensuring compliance with location-based regulations and preventing the transport of illegal materials. Additionally, geofencing assists in tracking assets left at work sites overnight, with the tracking application sending alerts if any asset leaves the premises after business hours. Assets like heavy equipment and earthmovers can be tracked. Again, it is advisable to inform employees and contractors about the usage of the tracking software to avoid concerns related to privacy violations.

Employee management

Leveraging geofencing data allows businesses to address issues like time theft and identify obstacles hindering efficiency and productivity. Collected data provides insights into employees’ time utilization, ensuring they remain at designated locations as needed. It is a useful tool for driver training too.

Before implementing geofencing for fleet management, establishing a well-defined time-tracking policy and allowing employees or drivers sufficient time to become familiar with it are essential steps. Communication about the use of location access software to monitor their work hours should also be clear.

A reliable, scalable Fleet Management System (FMS) which uses GPS tech and Geofencing, like what Trinetra Wireless provides, help Fleet Managers to easily track individuals, vehicles or mobile assets. A fleet management software that can manage a mixed fleet, detecting all stops, routes, locations and any non-compliance is worth investing in. It offers optimised route planning with fuel cost reduction and management system too with telematics technology and Data Analytics. Such software also helps in driver management and training. The right fleet management software supported by video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis is a worthy investment for even small businesses or fleet opertators.

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