Geofencing and time tracking improves productivity and cost-effectiveness of fleet.

Oct 16, 2019

Fleet owners or managers can use geofencing technology to virtually set boundaries for their employees that makes the job of tracking production and employee time-keeping, a lot easier, benefiting both employer and employee. The technology uses the GPS system that utilises signals of satellites and coordinates for latitudes and longitudes, to draw an invisible circle (fencing) around a geographical area or site.

Employees working remotely on job sites or who are on-the-go, like drivers, face challenges/issues when tracking their work hours and also ensuring that they actually are where they say they are. So remote time tracking and geofencing, with the help of a GPS enabled software and mobile application, can provide an apt solution for fleet and driver management. The digital boundary or fencing can be used for various purposes besides tracking the employee’s location. The system offers other benefits.

Benefits for Employers.

  • To know when or whether the employee is within the boundary drawn digitally.
  • To start and stop the time-clock on entry and exit of employees within the boundary.
  • It makes employees accountable to Managers managing multiple sites and multiple locations.
  • Employers are able to monitor employee’s location, set permissions and permit access for specified employees.
  • Geofencing makes time-clocking and time management easy & efficient.
  • As geofencing uses mobile tech it can be integrated with the time management software to automatically clock-in and clock-out employees and trigger reminders via the app.
  • Geofencing also cuts down fraudulent practices with the help of smart devices and sensors. Employees can be remotely monitored entering or exiting the geofenced area.
  • The time management feature of the software can be connected to the payroll system of the company facilitating correct processing of payments/wages. This system eliminates the manual process, saves time and reduces human error.

Benefits to Employees

  • To let employees know whether they are in the right job location at the right time.
  • Simple and convenient to know and calculate what an employee is supposed to get paid for the work hours.
  • Employees need not track their time as automatic clocking in and out of work hours is done when entering geofenced job site / area.
  • For employees on the go who are paid for their travel time too, this technology can track them from one job location to the next, includeint the miles done and time taken from point to point.
  • Geofencing allows employees to know where another employee is and all their work hours.
  • Geofencing when integrated to the mobile app, makes it easy for remote clocking of work hours and even trigger reminders to employees.

Trinetra Wireless’ multipurpose software is a web-based fleet management system (FMS), with mobile app integration. It can cut costs and optimise operations, plus improve efficiency and productivity of staff (drivers).

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