Six features most important for running your fleet efficiently

Sep 17, 2019

Any organisation running a homogenous or heterogeneous fleet of vehicles and Fleet Managers of various transport companies are very aware a fleet management system is indispensable to ensure operations run efficiently, productively and cost-efficiently. Six most important fleet management system features are important. Let us see how they benefit in running a fleet as below.

The GPS Fleet Tracking System. The GPS enabled tracking device installed in fleet vehicles, allows you to access real time location and its movement live. The information generated by this telematics system will provide you crucial data regarding the journey and the routes taken, besides many other details, like vehicle speed, directions taken, idling time, stoppage time, etc. By analysing these factors you can increase the efficiency of you fleet which will also improve customer service.

Trigger Alarms & Notifications. A very useful feature that the fleet management software offers is the activation of alarms and notifications that can be customised and automated. For instance, the alarm can be set for over-speeding or over-heating, such that the moment the parameter reaches a set limit, it will automatically trigger an alarm that will be sent to the assigned recipients. Incredibly useful to companies to respond quickly.

Analyse Driving Behaviour. Another useful feature that benefits the company, is the GPS enabled fleet management system’s ability to analyse driving behaviour based on parameters like, harsh braking, sudden acceleration, over-speeding and long idling time among others. The feedback can be immediately assimilated and the outcome sent to the driver and others involved. This will tend to reduce maintenance and fuel costs, violations and downtime, with improved driver behaviour and safety.

Journey and route planning. The time taken and distance travelled by vehicles make up running costs of the fleet. Therefore, optimise the routes taken by planning and anticipating coming events. This feature helps monitor the execution of the journey undertaken. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and idling, to help improve productivity, delivery, arrival times and the customer experience. The GPS tech gives real-time benefits in geo-fencing your fleet’s operations.

Maintenance Cost Management. Manage actual utilization and maintenance of the fleet with the Fleet Maintenance software module. Avoid hidden costs with recurring vehicle maintenance by using the GPS Vehicle Tracking and monitoring system to record maintenance history and manage maintenance digitally. Set maintenance schedules, inspection dates and other statutory requirements via the app. Compare costs incurred by your different vehicles in your data base, to plan, forecast and reduce maintenance costs.

Fuel Cost Management. The fuel management module is a key feature of the software, as fuel remains the most important (recurring) cost in running the fleet. Fuel efficiency is crucial in calculating average consumption per vehicle over a time period. Use the module to monitor fuel levels 24×7, during the refuelling and draining of each vehicle in the fleet. It can help identify (or warn about) theft or loss (fuel leaks). The FMS software enables you to plan a budget for your moving assets.

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