Just in-time distribution of FMCG with Vehicle Tracking System

April 27, 2016

Just in-time distribution of FMCG with Vehicle Tracking System

Supply chains are the core of many businesses today, every organization started to grow and logistics networks have expanded to a huge extend so supply chains are becoming more complex. A productive supply chains transportation firm dispatches goods to the correct location without delay. A minor temperature variation in reefers or delay in trips could disrupt the entire schedules and cause huge potential loss in business. Implementation of GPS vehicle tracking systems in FMCG trucks can benefit businesses in numerous ways.

Here we have listed the Major advantages that FMCG companies can gain through Vehicle tracking:

On time delivery for reputation in business

Time is more valuable in product delivery, especially when your core focus is in FMCG. Each delayed delivery brings down your business and also the market image. Manually assigning routes & trip schedules for your FMCG trucks results in missed & delayed deliveries. Take a chance with GPS vehicle tracking system, you can optimize and automate all your trips with appropriate routes &stops.

Cut down fuel costs

Preferring unauthorized routes, harsh driving, speeding, excessive idling etc., could result in increased fuel expenses. This happens with the absence of an automated GPS tracking system. Vehicle tracking solutions in place assists to reach customers on-time in case of quick requirements or delivery requests. Shows the shortest and authorized route to reach customer destination which results in saving fuel costs.

Avoid damage of perishable goods

FMCG trucks carry perishable goods for long duration of time that has to be delivered at dealer, distribution center or client place. The goods in those vehicles require constant monitoring of temperature even a minor fluctuation will spoil the goods and leads to have huge potential loss in business statistics. With GPS tracking system for monitoring reefer trucks periodically helps in monitoring reefer temperature levels real time &alerts in occasions of a temperature fluctuation, which help business owners to react timely and rectify to avoid losses asap.

Acquire new business

GPS tracking system can optimize & automate trip schedules and use geo fences to limit unauthorized vehicle usage, minimizes delivery delays. With theft recovery feature maximum security will be provided to client goods, vehicle tracking system trigger reminders to maintain vehicle health, generate alerts on temperature variations and much more.

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