School Bus Tracking App to Never Miss Your School Bus

May 11, 2016

School Bus Tracking App to Never Miss Your School Bus

Schools are the place where they educate and moulds the young people of this generation as a meaningful citizen and a responsible human in global society. Education is developmental and experiential, not restricted to time or space. Transportation now has become crucial for schools, plays a vital role and takes more responsibility in bringing every child to school premises.

Approximately 68% of children are transported via school bus, as school buses are the most conventional way of transportation that every parent prefers.

But the sad part is a recent statistic shows that

  • 7% of high school students reported missing at least one day of school within a month due to missing school buses
  • 32% of children every year miss classes because of missing school bus

Many parents will also have this concern as their child misses school bus, this might be due to several reasons either going delayed to bus stops or driver missing pickups etc.,

Vehicle tracking solutions for monitoring School bus is the one-stop solution for both schools and parents to be free from school bus tracking concerns. Via GPS location of school bus, estimated time of arrival to the bus stops, driver behavior, vehicle idling, long stops, taking unauthorized routes and much more will be notified to respective stake holders.

As the global market is becoming digitalized, smart phones and mobile apps helps in managing many tasks effortlessly on the go. Like the same to help parents and school management mobile apps are made available to monitor and locate school bus instantly at the time of need. Installing School bus tracking apps in mobiles, parents will be notified about every status of school bus so that they can make sure that their child never misses the school bus.

School bus tracking app is really a boon to parents who were concerned about their child safety and trouble-free transportation.

Key advantages of having School bus tracking app

  • Notifies the travel history of children at any given time
  • Ensures the child has reached the school/home
  • Monitors speed of a school bus
  • Time duration at each stops
  • Helps in school trips, without getting lost
  • Estimated time of arrival (ETA) to a specific student’s bus stop
  • Sends push notifications for alerting, etc.,

School transportation will greatly benefit from School bus tracking apps with GPS. Each transportation is important. Keep tab on them and ensure your child’s safety with Trinetra wireless, promising partner in offering world-class School bus tracking solutions, get to know more in detail about our solution offerings Contact us now.

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