How a scalable Fleet Management software with GPS tracking raises performance and revenue.

Dec 10, 2020

A fleet management solution (FMS) with advanced technology and revenue orientation will drive up profitability and help in expansion. Some organisations feel that new tech would displace the existing system. But they can opt for an FMS that seamlessly integrates with the existing system (across the supply chain).

At present all data collected should be consolidated on the platform and managed there for optimum visibility regarding resources and employees, to help leadership make better informed decisions. The software must be flexible enough to be adapted to your specific needs and operations of your fleet.

GPS tech for tracking. Thanks to progress and acceptance of telematics the GPS tracking devices have become more used in cars and commercial vehicles and transportation fleets. This system has become an essential tool for improving fleet management, as technology uses the real time data from GPS devices connected to a wide wireless network, to develop reports and for analysis for management to improve results.

Integrating GPS with map and app. The GPS tracking system collects performance data and location data from the vehicle generated from the device to be analysed by the FMS software to monitor costs. The addition of vehicles into the fleet is easily incorporated into the scalable Fleet Management Software. Managers will find it easier to monitor and track operations for efficiency.

Optimizing Fuel Management. Fuel Management feature of the software helps businesses to analyse, monitor, and optimize the fuel expenses. It facilitates to log in fuel usage to optimize this major operating costs.

Route management & planning. Based on a variety of constraints and factors, a route optimization solution is customisable, allowing the organisation to decide on the type of vehicle and payload, according to business requirements, scale, geographies and operations. Factors like cost to deliver, driver breaks, vehicle capacity, traffic conditions, etc. all count in the optimization and costing.

Scalability from small to big fleets. The right software combines ease of use with scalability, flexibility and enterprise grade security to deliver results to whatever fleet size or composition. Being a web-hosted software it is easy to “plug & play” without local installation or maintenance. The software design is intuitive and supported, secure and scalable with custom hierarchies and role-based administration.

Driver performance and utilization. In fleet management, driver turnover or retention is an issue and expense when driver shortage remains a big concern. On-boarding new and skilled drivers involves time and money. Training and optimising driver utilisation factors in operational costs. So, improving driver retention is critical to business. A user-friendly software with automation will be a great help for drivers and managers.

Mobile App, Telematics & Safety. A mobile app with the right functionality will improve performance of deliveries and services and is a competitive advantage. Safety technology safeguards the people working and can lower insurance costs. The right solution incorporates safety and telematics not only tracks the vehicles, monitors speed, driver breaks and other parameters for data, but helps to manage driver behaviour and safe habits. It can use gamification to rank drivers. These aspects also help in customer satisfaction besides helping control costs of maintenance. Telematics also contributes to expansion and growth of fleets or operations, besides optimising vehicle utilisation. Alerts and notifications triggered by the software contributes to safety.

Trinetra’s FMS software, run on a web-based platform, built for easy and remote access, is available to all stakeholders with rights online. It uses a telematics to efficiently monitor and track fleets and other assets, mostly in real-time, across geographic areas. Supported with a customisable mobile app, the system offers multiple benefits to manage and streamline fleet operations and measurable ROI, efficiently and economically in many sectors.

Significant benefits of the FMS software include:

  • Improved reliability helps in customer satisfaction
  • Better transparency shows areas of discrepancy that need improvement or correction.
  • Cost savings by better control over movement, inventory management, order processing.
  • Data sharing between systems reduces efforts and errors in administration
  • Overall visibility aids shifting schedules according to requirements.
  • Better management by using data on payload, its movement with site/route maps.

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