How Trinetra fleet management provided a solution to Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) Trucks

Sep 24, 2022

GPS Fleet Tracking system for Ready Mix Concrete Trucks

The construction & transportation industries are major contributors to the development and growth of a nation. These industries have their own trials and challenges, but engineering and technology has been able to put the industry into a growth path.

The Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) industry is growing

The ready mix concrete trucks used in the construction industry have now a potential market, supplying to contractors and builders across the whole country. However, the RMC industry has to optimise operations and cut cost to be a viable and profitable business in the long run. Therefore, there is a need to monitor and control the deployment of ready mix concrete trucks and fleets by the owners/operators.

This is where technology comes to play a vital role in managing operations of a fleet of ready mix concrete trucks, for making better margins and timely, efficient delivery. A fleet management system, like the one supplied by Trinetra wireless, is one such tech solution being offered to the RMC business.

The software helps in reducing costs and in optimised route planning of the RMC delivery vehicles. It also helps in addressing supply chain monitoring, job scheduling and order management, with real-time monitoring with alerts generated for vehicles and comes with geofencing features.

Advantages of the RMC Fleet Management Solution

Trinetra concrete truck tracking system helps users to evaluate the performance of the RMC vehicles and also increase visibility, helping to reduce operation cost.

  • Fleet Owners/Operators can store and retrieve Vehicle Maintenance History, such as Vehicle Servicing related Information, and can access the data via the app.
  • Driver behaviour can be monitored and driver related data can be stored in our web application, which can be referred to in future to gain data insight on Driver’s behaviour.
  • Continuously track your Vehicle/Fleet with the in-built GPS tracking device, using the Web Dashboard or and also the Mobile App.
  • Vehicle related Documents can be maintained, such as Insurance, FC, etc. and alerts for expiry can be triggered via the app.
  • Trip details such as Total Distances, Idling Times, Start-Stop Points, etc. can be monitored and stored, along with location, to generate reports. Increase vehicle efficiency by optimizing your operations based on this and past data.

Our solutions for clients come in a customisable, reliable Fleet Management software with telematics technology and Data Analytics. Users can track individual vehicles in a mixed fleet, detecting unnecessary stoppages and idling time, all easily. Prevent diversions or non-compliance too. The telematics in this solution also helps in driver management. Here’s the right FMS software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis to effectively check inefficiencies and regulatory compliance. Ensure your fleet’s safety, security and reliability.

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