Tips for saving on fuel cost with Telematics Solution

July 14, 2022

Tips for saving on fuel cost with Telematics Solution

With the recent fuel prices rise, every fleet manager now wants to cut fuel cost and save money. For this to happen Fleet Owners / Managers need to install Telematics technology solution that provides vehicle and asset tracking solutions that gives their businesses the tools they need to improve fleet management, increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

  • One undeniable fact every fleet manager accept is using Telematics technology solution that helps increase fuel efficiency and saves fuel costs.
  • Besides, ensuring to follow some basic practices can help you save a significant amount of money. For this, all you need to do is make sure you keep monitoring your operation at all times.

As the technology continues to advance, fleet-based businesses need to adopt these new technological enhancements that leaves a large impact on overall business operations. Remote diagnostic capabilities of telematics technology make it easy to remotely monitor and track real-time usage-based data.

Data Points to Manage fuel cost are as follows

  • Knowing the best routes using telematics solution plays a key role in reducing fuel use. Compare fuel spend per route and determine the best routes to save fuel cost.
  • Vehicle driver behavior monitoring with telematics devices unlocks valuable insights on driver’s driving patterns such as frequent stops, idle time, speeding, rapid acceleration, braking etc., that saves fuel and better cares the vehicle.
  • Monitoring Diagnostics trouble codes can help you determine and correct asset issues early to keep your fleet operating efficiently.
  • Identifying & eliminating excessive or unnecessary idling using telematics platform can cut a have a massive impact on your fuel bill.
  • Well-maintained vehicles engines, properly inflated tyres help you identify small problems before they become big ones to keep your engines in top condition.

In addition, to implementation of the above utilizing GPS tracking services can assist you map out the shortest, most efficient routes, get notification on speeding alerts and decrease fuel spent by up to 30%.  To get visual reports that get you better visibility of your fleet and pay attention to areas that can control fuel cost spent leverage Trinetra Fleet Management Solutions. Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo today.

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