Increase School Bus Fleet Maintenance with Telematics Software

Oct 15, 2022

School Bus Fleet Maintenance with Telematics Software

In an increasingly competitive environment apart from providing valuable education, offering excellent pickup and drop off facilities through their fleet of buses benefits educational institutions. Studies reveal that 75% schools rely on fleet management software or vehicle telematics to track the live location of buses and monitor the entire bus ride.

Trinetra Fleet Management Software is designed to simplify day to day fleet operations and look into the maintenance of vehicles, and much more. Both schools & colleges operating transport vehicles with GPS fleet can benefit greatly by keeping an eye on all significant factors.

With GPS vehicle tracking system Educational Institutions can improve student safety & reduce operative costs in numerous ways. To manage easily and painlessly modernise your school bus fleet with 100% digital solution. Keep reading the article to know how a telematics system can help your institution fleet improve student safety, gain insight into utilization and spending.

Real-time Tracking

GPS real time tracking is especially useful for keeping buses on-route.  In case a vehicle breaks down then you can find a nearby vehicles and send for immediate support. Further to it, vehicle dispatchers can keep a constant watch on the vehicle while they travel to school or back home.

Route Optimization

With route optimization, the drivers of the vehicles can choose the best route that is time and fuel saving.  Admin can add or delete the routes according to the demand, plan most optimized route, so that children need not undergo long travel.

Student Safety

Quickly tell the parents / guardians about their kid’s whereabouts, as it can be constantly tracked and followed as it moves. Alert Notifications will be sent to parents to know details on when the bus will come to pick up their child and when they can expect a drop-off.

Automated Maintenance Schedule

By utilizing the distance covered data and the duration you could plan for regular maintenance and thereby avoid expensive breakdowns.  Centralised fleet management system will help stakeholders to gain insight on service due in real-time and track compliance. Above all, helps cut down fuel costs and unnecessary wear and tear.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Enables education vehicle fleet manger to identify and fix driving issues that incurs extra expenses. By analysing driver’s driving patterns and by educating accordingly, you can increase your vehicle’s durability and reduce fuel consumption.


It records various details & generates various reports that can be used for save on costs associated with several small operations.

A reliable solution is paramount to increase fleet efficiency and help reduce operational costs. Trinetra’s GPS vehicle tracking system addresses parental concerns and school policies.  To know more book for a demo today.

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