Reasons why fleets would be mostly electric in future.

June 10, 2020

The case for electric vehicles is getting stronger as time goes by, due to significant demand, increasing attractive incentives, and a broadening choice of models driving the market forward. An electric vehicle option and an electric fleet is getting more viable for any business or operator and more prospective in future for more reasons.

Environmental Reasons. Traditional cars with IC engines have made a negative impact on the environment owing to the emissions they produce, which is widely accepted as a trigger to global warming. It resulted in the legislation and an obligation to reduce emissions.

The CSR Reason. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of firms have motivated them to look towards an electric fleet. CSR can help to strengthen brand image and value in the market besides winning goodwill. It also supports a lot of good work for our future generation and better world.

Growing Supportive Infrastructure, the hurdle in the EV market is the proper infrastructure manly charging solutions. However, with increasing acceptance and numbers, the electric charging stations and portable charging devices are steadily growing, with support from government and other quarters who are supporting the upgrading of infrastructure.

Cost Benefit Reasons. EV cost lesser to be energised than refuelling with fossil fuels, but offer responsive traction and tongue, reducing operation costs. The maintenance cost is also the only heavy replacement cost is in batteries. As mass production improves EVs will cost less. Most major vehicle manufacturers and brands have started exploring this electric alternative and are progressing rapidly to make it a realistic, viable mode of transport and mobility.

Discerning fleet managers and owners are constantly on the watch out for better energy efficiency of fleets, since fuel costs account for nearly 60% of the budget in operations. Fuel consumption is usually monitored on a daily basis, as it is the main recurring cost suffered by the fleet business or transporter. Technological R&D and innovations in battery development has been able to offer longer lasting batteries that provide more mileage and extended life cycle.

Using GPS Technology fleet management software enabled by Telematics is capable of mining a lot of data about the vehicle, including handling that affects the efficiency of vehicles. Future EVs are being developed as connected vehicles and research is also going on to make them driverless or autonomous vehicles.

Trinetra’s FMS software uses a telematics enabled system run on a web-based platform. This Fleet Management software, with mobile app integration, has many benefits to economically run fleet operations in any industry.

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