Cut running cost of freight transport vehicles by smart routing and scheduling.

June 17, 2020

Freight Transport Fleet Management

At the end of a financial year, businesses reflect upon what better ways can be adopted to change and improve processes and also manage data better, to stay ahead of the competition in the coming year. Businesses should take advantage of technology like Fleet Management System (software) that provides a routing and scheduling optimising solution to cut down operating costs. It helps to reduce fuel consumption & emissions, improve resource allocation & mileage besides the ROI for fleet business.

Trinetra offers a Fleet Management System software that lowers operating costs across a wide range of industries, sectors and distribution systems. We have put up a list of ways that utilizes fright transport vehicle with optimal scheduling and routing to cuts costs and make better use of assets.

Design of the Distribution Network.  Take a good look at your distribution system that allocates your customers between distribution points or centres. Model the network of distribution centres and depots to optimise routing. Utilise the records and history of orders to determine which customers can be served by allocating which distribution centre in the schedules and routing.

Route Optimisation. The FMS software with telematics helps to optimise Route Planning to reduce total mileage run by vehicles in the fleet. You can benefit by nearly 20%. So, deliver the same number of products with fewer runs and save time. Optimising the route, cuts fuel costs and carbon emissions, streamlines operations and helps to optimise vehicle usage.

Reduce Empty Runs. To reduce overall empty running of vehicles in a fleet, enable vehicles and drivers at multiple sites to work as a single integrated resource. Movements from different distribution centres can be combined into planned routes to reduce empty runs. Thus a driver returning from delivery can pick up another load back to the depot, to avoid empty runs, maximise vehicle utilisation, productivity and reduce mileage.

Improve flexibility. To streamline operations, you need to have a really flexible routing and scheduling system. The system must be able to accommodate an unlimited number of variables to chart the most optimal routes. Variables include – traffic conditions driver schedules, one-way roads, bridge height restrictions, school zones, public events, etc.

Integrate tracking & accurate rout plans. The more accurate the route plan the more realistic savings. The plan should reflect the real world using vehicle tracking (GPS-enabled) system and define planning parameters accordingly. The software can enable Geo-fencing to increase control and efficiency over the fleet operations.

Astute fleet managers & transport operators are continually on the lookout for ways to improve energy efficiency of fleets. since fuel costs account for nearly 60% of the budget allocated running cost. Fuel usage is regularly monitored (daily) as it is the main recurring cost suffered by any fleet. GPS empowered fleet management software, is able of mine data about operating vehicles, including handling which affects maintenance & efficiency of vehicles.

Trinetra’s FMS software is hosted on a web-based platform, with mobile app integration, possessing many features to run economically your fleet operations in any sector. Get to know more about Trinetra Wireless offerings by a visit to – Just submit the enquiry form filled to our team. We’ll respond as soon as we can.

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