Cab booking experience gets enhanced for app users with Trinetra’s features

May 15, 2019

The smartphone has become the biggest medium to engage digital customers and the mobile app is the platform for increasing tangible user experience. So, more and more organisations are looking at the mobile app to enhance customer experience and to meet domestic and international market requirements. The booming Taxi/cab hiring business also widely uses mobile applications to draw customer attention and attract more business repeatedly. Some start-ups have taken to the app-only model to launch their business the market.

Modern cab booking tech enhances UX.

The online taxi/cab aggregator needs to be highly intuitive and aims to offer a user-friendly layout with all features to enhance the cab/taxi booking experience for customers. With Trinetra’s application, users can book a cab/taxi from an operator in advance, both for official and personal use. It operates with two level approval notifications triggered to both the user and the driver. The app can be enabled with offline features, such as SMS notification. The user interface should focus on the needs of the user base and ease of use, with a well-defined UX rich user-guide for first time users and for improving customer experience. There is a brand building exercise also involved.

The methodology of taxi hailing has changed.

Cab booking services have grown in popularity steadily over the recent years by offering rides at comparatively lower prices, apart from regular offers. Users of the application, both customer and driver, can use it with greater ease and convenience to book a ride. It includes checking the status of the driver and his location, the choice of payment method and also provide feedback after the ride is ended.

It has proven to be the right tool for operators, convenience for users and a successful business model. The Taxi-Cab aggregator can make best fleet utilisation with the GPS aided technology in use. The customer base is centred geographically and competition is usually tough. Customers stick to the service provider that offered the most comfortable ride experience at a fair price, the main reason to come back again. The technology behind the application also provides for collaboration with local resources, like hotels, tour and travel agents, or even other online service providers and outsourced services.

The sync between operators and drivers is crucial in this model, as time delay and communication is a critical factor in the business. The contact centre and the software in place should be capable of handling the peak traffic generated. To keep up the level of service, the driver behaviour must be pleasant and helpful. The application can help to check on the drivers working remotely and their performance in the long term.

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