Thumb rules Fleet Managers should follow for rolling out new changes

Jul 15, 2019

In any organisation to bring about change is hard task, whatever the circumstances may be. Rolling out new changes or process in the work environment for he employees can be a difficult task for Fleet Managers, especially if employees are unprepared for it.

Here are some thumb rules Fleet Managers should follow when rolling out changes.

Communicate the change clearly. It is important that Fleet Managers should be clear about the adjustment being done when rolling out the changes. Managers should show the reason behind the changes and let their staff know why it is needed. Tell them about the benefits of the modifications and how it will improve operations and help the staff members know how it could directly affect them. Explain how they will implement the alterations or changes.

Schedule the rollout of changes. The Fleet Manager who is planning the changes in process and operations, should have a schedule sorted out for the rollout of the changes. With maximum of details placed on a timeline, it can ease the transition for change for the employees. It can also set clear expectations for new changes being adapted.

Form a Test Group. It would be a good approach to form a small group from the staff to check on the new changes. This test group can work through the procedures proposed to find any issues or pain points. To get favourable acceptance from the entire workforce, allow the processes to be altered before the actual rollout. By allowing the processes to be tested and tweaked, help to instil confidence in them for the changes.

Track after rollout. It’s important to track the progress of the rollout of new changes. Not all changes and new processes can be successful straight away. So follow up and find out if the work flow is impacted or how customer service is affected. Find out the overall feedback from the staff. Gather information and document it for future review and evaluation. Contiguous feedback will allow fleet managers to stay connected and updated on the changes being made. How it is being received and how is the morale of the team affected, or any suggestions to improve the new changes can be found out in periodic follow up.

Any fleet operator or fleet business needs a good fleet management software It has to provide you the insights to make everything clear and understandable. A fleet management software can be installed to generate various types of data, thus offering different insights to the fleet operator or managers. It can be used for tracking any process changes being implemented. Data can be documented for future review and audit. Fleet Management software with the GPS system help in improved vehicle management and for better customer service.

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