Useful tips that help avert breakdowns for your fleet of vehicles

Jul 26, 2019

Fleet management of vehicles has critical areas that affect the ROI of the organisation. Breakdown is an important factor in the cost of fleet maintenance. Commercial fleets need to be running on road for the maximum hours of its life time, to make operations cost-effective and optimise fleet utilisation. Hence, reducing the cost of breakdowns is high priority.

As for vehicle or truck breakdowns, some expenses are likely to be overlooked. Fleet managers need to keep looking for hidden breakdown costs, at the number of unscheduled service events and breakdowns, to make operations profitable. This is where preventive maintenance plays an important role. Fleet managers have to factor decrease in driver productivity, overtime pay, cost of rental/safety stock, customer delivery penalties, missed warranty recovery and towing costs. Fleet Management software with the GPS system help in improved vehicle management and for better customer service.

Trinetra’s fleet management system will greatly help in streamlining the maintenance process. Find below some useful tips to help you reduce the severity pf breakdowns.

Improve on Preventive Maintenance plans. Sticking to a good preventive maintenance plan is the best way to avert breakdowns. Trinetra FMS enabled with GPS can help you set up automated maintenance notifications and alerts for you moving assets. Plan it for each vehicle as per OEM’s schedule which includes engine hours or mileage as per payload usage. Consider duty cycles of assets and track maintenance schedules on the application. It should also track differed service events and remind of outstanding service turns.

Don’t defer Maintenance event. Deferring maintenance events can result in costly breakdowns. There may be work pressure on some fleets and deferring maintenance may look good for quarterly results, but maybe at a price which wipes off that gain in the long run.

Clubbing Service Tasks. Use the FMS software to identify pending service events, deferred recalls or outstanding inspections to consolidate the operations at one point of service, whether scheduled or unscheduled. When the asset is off the road in the shop, completing maintenance or service tasks together will save time and labour.

Remote Diagnostics via GPS. The GPS enabled system can gather critical data usable for remote diagnostics. Telematics can help fleet management by monitoring driver behaviour and sending them notification or alerts whenever needed to avoid problems. It can also handle repairs or replacement required, to be shifted to the next scheduled service event.

Analyse the fleet reports data. Process the data collected via the FMS software and other providers, OEM or dealership, to proactively plan preventive maintenance or recalls. It helps to prevent breakdowns in future or unscheduled service stops.

Review to improve Preventive Maintenance. By reviewing all data and reports regarding periodical maintenance, vehicle history, breakdowns and parts inventory, fleet managers can proactively improve utilisation and control costs of their fleets. Better planning and updates will prevent downtime and boost revenue in the long run.

Learn how Trinetra’s integrated fleet management system with GPS tech helps in customisation. The FMS software can help your fleets to increase productivity & safety. Just leave us an enquiry online, and we’ll contact you. Otherwise, request for a demo, You can alternatively  visit for more information.

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