How is GPS enabled FMS better than OEM’s inbuilt tracking device?

Jun 10, 2022

Benefits of Fleet Management Software

Most fleet operators and logistics companies who seek ways and means to save money and time for their business, now resort to telematics and software applications, as it does make a big difference to productivity and profitability

In fact, telematics software is now a recommended tool in fleet management, owing to the benefits accruing for vehicle maintenance, security, and fuel efficiency. On the other hand, OEM telematics too is fast becoming a norm. OEMs are adopting telematics technology by embedding telematics devices in the vehicle they manufacture in their plants.

Advantages and challenges for OEMs

Embedded telematics has advantages, such as in vehicle insurance benefits. OEM telematics provide high level of data and monitoring of vehicle health and the sensors and functions are incorporated directly into the vehicle or engine. Smartphone connectivity with in-built communication equipment, on the driver dashboard, with an interface that provides alerts or failure warnings, would thereby improve driver involvement.

However, there are some issues involved in OEM telematics that make it rather appropriate for certain types of vehicles or fleets and not for all. It may not be suitable for a mixed fleet with various makes and models. The ‘one-size-fits-all’ offering cannot match to operators’ individual requirements. Uncertainty exists in the domains of data ownership and privacy as this strategy evolves. An aftermarket telematics installation has terms and conditions clearly defined.

How the Fleet Management Solution is the better option

The telematics provided by the fleet management solution provider is a complete solution and not just value addition by an OEM. Apart from vehicle tracking and monitoring, the solution focuses on the ROI it can offer to the user or fleet operator. OEMs will focus only on the vehicle primarily and not offer extra options and high customisation. The FMS solution on the other hand provides 99% customisation, which will be supported too, depending on the needs. Unlike fleet management solution providers, OEMs cannot provide dedicated personnel available for 24×7 support, specifically for GPS vehicle tracking applications. The fleet management solution also provides good vehicle diagnosis and mobile app integration to customers.


Trinetra Wireless offers a customisable, reliable Fleet Management System software with  telematics technology and Data Analytics. Track each vehicle in a mixed fleet, identifying unnecessary stoppages, idling time easily and prevent diversions or non-compliance. Selecting the right fleet management software supported by dash-cams or video telematics and vehicle data diagnosis, the software ensures safety, security and reliability to effectively address inefficiencies and regulatory compliance.

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