Advantage of High Visibility on Perishable goods with IoT platform in Transportation & Logistics for transporters

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Jun 26, 2023


The client who is a dairy products distributor approached us to find a solution to the problems they have in distributing dairy products, which is a perishable product, using their fleet of reefer trucks across states and territories. They serve a large and growing market ad deal with a variety of dairy products from different sources.

The Problem Outline

To understand the pain-points of the client, our team had a discussion with them. Our team realised that the client needed real-time monitoring of the vehicles and of driver behaviour too. As perishable dairy products were being transported live temperature monitoring. A supportive system to address real-time critical alerts was a priority requirement for them. In order to reduce damage and discrepancies they needed to make sure that driver behaviour was proper during the journey. A monitoring system to identify violation and temperature breaches would improve productivity over the long run. Reefer trucks have planned journeys and stoppages at delivery points, that is scheduled on a daily basis which requires real-time monitoring using GPS vehicle tracking technology.

Trinetra’s IoT-based monitoring system offers a comprehensive solution for the transportation and logistics industry.

The Solution Summary

Trinetra decided to address these challenges by offering a monitoring system through their IoT platform. The customised solution offered utilisation of dashboard and mobile apps to monitor location. The system incorporates sensor devices for instant alerts and reporting on temperature breaches, door openings, geo-fencing, and more. Driver monitoring has helped reduce unnecessary idling, leading to decreased fuel usage for both the cooling unit’s generator and the vehicle’s engine.

Driver monitoring helps to reduce the product damage due to unsafe driving. The mobile app helped to keep driver engaged with less violation on multiple aspects. The fleet management system with mobile app integration helped to trigger alerts and notifications to the concerned persons with regard to limits set on the parameters. Temperature monitoring is critical to refrigerated goods and this is now offered in real-time to the officials managing the fleet. Any parameter being monitored, if the limit set was breached, would automatically trigger alerts in real-time.

The fleet management software helped to reduce idle times and decrease fuel consumption by up to 20% and optimize the operation with visibility over 30%. This software is customisable as Customer business rules can be inducted and monitored.


  • Accurate temperature information for perishable goods
  • Real-time alerts for temperature level breaches
  • Real-time temperature updates accessible via mobile app and web portal
  • Comprehensive tracking of trucks and their journeys
  • Monitoring and improvement of driver behavior
  • Instant information on vehicle positions and status when needed

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