Installation of Fleet Management App: Enhancing School Management in the Island State

School Bus Tracking App for Island Schools

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Solution : School Bus Tracking

Aug 12, 2023

The Client

The individual who contacted us represented the management of educational establishments, including schools, located across the island state. As they were serving a large student population the management wanted to efficiently and safely handle the transportation needs of the group. They wanted the aid of cutting-edge technology to streamline and operate their fleet of vehicles and school-buses. Their interest lay in a mobile app empowered with school-bus transport management software to cater to current demands, coastal areas that they covered, coordination with local authorities, future expansion and green goals.

Business Requirement

In the discussion with the client’s representative, critical requirements were highlighted:

  • Mobile app for tracking school buses within a 50km coastal radius.
  • Real-time notifications and estimated arrival/departure times for stakeholders.
  • Central command center for coordination with local authorities, like the coast guard.
  • Optimized route planning for economic and eco-friendly transportation.
  • Mobile-enabled surveillance and management software for data storage and verification.
  • Fuel sensors to track fuel levels, reduce theft, and cut operational costs.
  • Student safety monitoring during trips, especially in coastal areas.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra provided a customized school bus tracking app with fleet management software. The transport manager gains real-time vehicle monitoring through a comprehensive dashboard with instant alerts and driver behavior reports. Vehicle Telematics updates shortest routes and driver whereabouts, enhancing passenger safety. Video telematics and dashcams ensure a smooth journey, increased reliability, and reduced fuel theft. Achieve Operational Excellence and Energy Management with our school bus tracking system.


  • Save fuel and energy by tracking and improving vehicle usage.
  • Improve operations with over 30% visibility of key metrics.
  • Track vehicle location with GPS and plan routes efficiently.
  • Receive automated and timely alerts on various parameters.
  • Reduce driver violations by keeping them engaged and informed.
  • Customize and enforce fleet management rules as per the need.
  • Monitor performance based on expectations and report events.
  • Stay updated with the latest hardware and software features.

The fleet management app implemented by Trinetra not only met the client’s requirements but also provided a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage their school transportation system while ensuring student safety and environmental sustainability.

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