Trinetra’s provides GPS enabled FMS to manufacturer to ensure on-time delivery.

Fleet Management solutions for Machine Manufacturers

Industry : Manufacturing

Solution : Fleet Management

Oct 12, 2019

The Client

The client is a successful machine manufacturing company located in New-Delhi, having multiple manufacturing units and catering to more than a hundred customers in the market with 100+ vehicles transportation facility.

The Business Requirement

The client faced a problem of not able to reach product deliveries to the client on time. This was because the drivers were not committed to adhere with the time schedule, as all these vehicles were rented from their Cargo Department. The transportation & logistics management solution sought was to make delivery on-time to the customer location. The client also needed a comprehensive fleet management report to analyse the time spent at the customer location by each delivery vehicle.

The Solution Implementation

The commitment towards time is essential in business to retain customers, as it increases the trust they put on you. The client here had a challenge in fleet management and driver handling. As a manufacturer of large machines having multiple branches with hundreds of customers spread across the city, they found that deliveries were being delayed because drivers were not committed to adhering with time schedules.

The client approached Trinetra Wireless for an efficient vehicle tracking solution with driver management, as we provided in the market one of the best Fleet Management Software. We took up the challenge and suggested a vehicle monitoring solution to address the client’s pain points, by providing the solution along with a GPS Vehicle Tracking System that provides alerts when unwanted idling for predefined time was detected. We also created specifically a report to view the vehicle full history which helps them to make business-oriented decisions. With a handful of data, the client is now able to identify the time taken to reach a customer and the time spent on a single customer location by a particular vehicle. With Trinetra’s GPS tracking and fleet management software installed we helped them to plan better and raise their standards to delight their customers.

Benefits of the solution

  • Offers instant alerts on unwanted idling.
  • An improved driver management solution.
  • Enables quick business-oriented decision-making.
  • On-time utilization of vehicles at every customer point.
  • Satisfying customers with On-time Delivery every time.

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