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Fleet Management Software - Live GPS Vehicle Monitoring

Industry : Manufacturing

Solution : GPS Vehicle Tracking

Mar 04, 2021


The client is an established is a machine tools manufacturer & distributor operating across the country, but facing difficulty in streamlining operations for better results. With proper updates & knowledge, they need not guess about the timelines and can get more done by their fleet each day.

The Problem Outline

What the client needed to manage and streamline their business operations and distribution system, was to monitor their vehicles at customer location, with in and out details of the vehicle with a fleet management software. They wanted to know about Idling time in all customer locations. With the help of GPS and telematics they can do better Field Service Management know vehicle and equipment location on demand. The system supports vehicle maintenance notifications and also generating messages/email and alerts when an asset arrives or leaves a site. Mitigating these pain points aim to reduce wastage and improve efficiency.

The Solution Summary

By implementing the customised solution from Trinetra the client could Improve planning and Monitoring the Usage of their assets. For both equipment and vehicles, they could schedule Routine Maintenance

To manage their fleet, they can make sure that drivers are behaving properly during journey of vehicles. The software’s (FMS) enables Complete Control over Trucks to avoid unwanted vehicle stoppages on unauthorised zones during journeys or assigned tasks.

The solution would improve planning and assist to monitor the usage of vehicles, equipment and drivers. The software helps to schedule Routine Maintenance to extend Equipment Lifespans. The GPS enabled sensors can ensure that drivers behave properly during the trips and efficient journey planning.

Advantage of web-based FMS and asset monitoring system

By adopting Trinetra’s flexible, customisable asset management software platform the client gets a number of advantages –

  • Easy-to-use, interactive dashboard of software and generation of reports for the daily operations and more
  • Affordable hardware with low monthly payments and scalable
  • Powerful alerts and reporting on asset movement, prolonged idling, unauthorised activity, geo-fences and more
  • Customer business rules can be inducted and monitored when required
  • Ever-evolving hardware and software updates
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting

Outcome / Result

  • Enhancement in daily operations
  • Route management improves efficiency
  • Arrests unwanted idling at customer locations, unplanned stoppages
  • Keep driver engaged with less violation on multiple aspects
  • Reduced idle times and decreased fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Optimize the operation with visibility over 30%


  • Implemented in15+ countries with 13000 active devices on count
  • Reduces wastage by nearly 40%
  • 22% improvement in good driving behaviour
  • Reducing manual intervention and save up to 2.5 hours a day
  • Almost doubles the collection/deliveries per day

Client testimonials

“By using fleet management & asset monitoring system, we have got better control and information over our fleet, assets and staff. With up-to-date knowledge and GPS we now utilise vehicles and assets very efficiently, saving time, money and gaining new business. We satisfy our customers better by keeping them well informed and also protect our staff and assets against discrepancies.”

– Director of Operations.

When managers realise the cost benefits offered by this fleet management and asset monitoring solution, it will be their priority to deploy the system. Once installed, this software application for the business or service helps managers to take quick decisions to gain benefits.

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