Analyse and control the performance of all your waste collection vehicles with advanced GPS tracking software

GPS Tracking Solution for Waste Management Vehicle

Industry : Waste Management

Solution : Fleet Tracking

Jan 20, 2021


The client is an established waste management service provider possessing a fleet of vehicles with trained drivers to do the job efficiently at assigned locations or sites, as per their contract agreement.


The Problem Outline

To manage the system, they needed to monitor route deviations, besides the engine hours logged by the vehicles. What they needed is a GPS enabled field service management system to monitor bin collection using on-demand vehicle and equipment location data. They needed text message/email alerts whenever an asset arrives or leaves a site. To keep downtime minimal, they wanted vehicle maintenance notifications support. The pain points aimed to reduce costs, wastage and improve efficiency.

The Solution Summary

Trinetra Wireless had the answer to the client in the advanced fleet management software they have developed. The solution would improve planning and assist to monitor the usage of vehicles, equipment and drivers. The software helps to schedule Routine Maintenance to extend Equipment Lifespans. The GPS enabled sensors can make sure that drivers are behaving properly during the trips and helps in journey planning for the managers.

With Trinetra’s Fleet Management System installed get complete control over Trucks to avoid unwanted vehicle stoppages in unauthorised zones. The easy-to-use, interactive dashboard of the software with mobile apps integrated, helps to monitor bin location, bin filling, bin fill level and much more.

Benefits of a web-based FMS platform

By adopting Trinetra’s flexible, customisable software platform the customer is benefited by –

  • Customer business rules can be inducted and monitored when required
  • Ever evolving hardware and software to meet demands
  • Affordable hardware with low monthly payments
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting
  • Get automated alerts and data driven reports directly in your inbox with actionable intelligence

Outcome / Result

  • Reduces idle times and decreases fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Optimizes the operations with visibility of over 30%
  • Easy-to-use, interactive dashboard and mobile apps helps to monitor bin location, Bin filling, and more
  • Powerful alerts and reporting on movement, activity, geo-fences and more
  • Reduced the number of uncollected bin and miss outs
  • Route management done for time and fuel efficiency
  • Guards against unauthorized usage with after-hours alerts enabled
  • Keeps driver engaged with less violation on multiple aspects


  • Implemented in15+ countries with 13000 active devices on count
  • Reduces wastage by nearly 40%
  • 22% improvement in good driving behaviour
  • Reducing manual intervention and save up to 2.5 hours a day
  • Almost doubles the collection/deliveries per day

When managers realise the cost benefits offered by this FMS solution, it will create awareness about the importance of this software application for the business or service. It helps managers to take quick decisions for implementing the benefits. Just request for a Demo and our team will contact as soon as possible and for further discussions.

Read more about our software solutions at our TRINETRA Wireless website –  (

Client testimonials

“We are pleased with the improvement in our waste collection process and methods of management. My appreciation for all the professional services that Trinetra provided to us leading up to this achievement.”

– Managing Director.

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