Deploying IOT based sensors to refrigerated transport protected cargo from environmental conditions

Temperature controlled transportation logistics

Industry : Transportation & Logistics

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Aug 12, 2022

Client provides temperature-controlled logistics service to meet the specific needs of perishable inventory such as frozen foods, fruits and vegetables, pharmaceuticals, dairy products.

The Problem Outline

Client need was to do temperature monitoring of the merchandises in a refrigerated carrier, identify temperature drop if any during transit and help them gain critical insights that would reduce wastage due to cargo spoilage, control multiple aspects and improve productivity.

The Solution Summary

We provided them with wireless sensors, data loggers, and gateways to do real time temperature monitoring of the transit. Now with this climate control system in reefer trucks client could ensure high accuracy in compartment temperature, and certain other factors like door access, fuel management, idling status, driver identification, driver behaviour etc., to avoid technical errors. Telematics sensor we used helped temperature sensitive product carriers to set up instant alerts when there is a dip in safe temperatures

Deploying IOT-based temperature sensor prevented unsafe temperature fluctuations, eliminated the need for drivers to often check temperatures in their reefer unit.  This compliance helped client to increase the customer satisfaction rate, besides open up the possibilities for more business.

To automate temperature tracking and verify compliance with cold-chain transport rules in the most efficient, fast and cost-effective way possible contact us. Trinetra Wireless is an expert in providing trailer temperature monitoring solution.

Client Testimonial

By integrating this IOT to our Reefer truck we saved money spent on spoilage and rejected loads, reduced the number of loss claims and had proof on meticulously maintained temperature throughout transport.

– Chief Operations Manager

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