Solution for Employee Security: Empowering Corporate Cab Transport Management System

Employee Transport Management System

Industry : Corporate Company

Solution : Fleet Management

Apr 10, 2023


Trinetra offers a comprehensive employee transport management system that addresses the security needs of a major transport operator with vehicles operating nationwide. Specifically designed to ensure employee safety, especially for female staff, our solution provides real-time monitoring capabilities. The transport operator approached Trinetra seeking an effective solution.

Problem Outline:

Our client rents out cabs and buses to local companies and multinational corporations, providing pick-up and drop-off services across multiple locations. To ensure the well-being of female employees during travel, they required centralized monitoring from a highly visible location. Additionally, they sought a mobile application for staff to access real-time updates on bus and cab arrival and departure timings. Scalability and flexibility were crucial, as the client needed to incorporate new vehicles at short notice. The fleet manager also needed a dashboard to monitor vehicle location and movement.

Solution Summary:

Following thorough discussions, Trinetra Wireless tailored a solution based on our web-enabled fleet management application. Our system allows managers and stakeholders to access real-time data from a centralized hub effortlessly. By employing GPS fleet monitoring software, we ensure staff safety and provide high visibility of vehicles in transit. The system includes a dashcam facility to monitor driver behavior during journeys, thereby maintaining proper conduct. Furthermore, our vehicle monitoring system accurately identifies any unauthorized stoppages or deviations from the planned route. The integration of a mobile app with the centralized information hub ensures stakeholders have access to updated data, including arrival/departure times, location tracking, and stoppages. The mobile fleet management software’s built-in features enhance the safety of passengers and drivers.


  • Real-time updates on shortest routes and driver location for optimized efficiency.
  • Pop-Up Messages sent to stakeholders as alerts and trip updates.
  • Decreased instances of fuel theft, maximizing cost savings.
  • Achieve overall operational excellence with streamlined processes.
  • Maximize reliability and stability of operations for enhanced service quality.
  • Ensure vehicle and passenger safety through real-time tracking.
  • Enable a seamless and secure vehicle journey experience.
  • Optimize energy and fuel management for reduced environmental impact.
  • Continuously evolving hardware and software for future scalability.
  • Expectation-based monitoring and event-based reporting for proactive management.

By leveraging our employee transport management system, businesses can prioritize the safety and efficiency of corporate cab services while empowering their workforce with enhanced security measures.

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