School Management can effectively handle parents’ concerns instantly using Trinetra parent mobile application

School Bus Tracker App For Parents

Industry : Educational Institutions

Solution : School Bus Tracking

Mar 19, 2023

The Client

The client is a prominent educational institution providing quality education to students of the region. The school provides a conducive and safe environment for students studying here with excellent infrastructure. The school has a fleet of buses to provide transportation for students from different locations.

Business Requirement

To understand the pain-points of the client, our team had a discussion with the institutions’ administration. Our team realised that the transport manager needed real-time fleet management & school bus tracking system to enable parents and administration to know the whereabouts of the students and vehicles with an emphasis on the safety of the students. This can be done by real-time monitoring of the bus and driver behaviour. They need to know which student boarded on which bus with location and time, to help them send student status to parents through a mobile app. The client also wanted to know the alternative routes and the shortest route to reach the school on time.

Trinetra Solution

With school bus tracking solution devices installed in the school buses the application helps to address real-time critical alerts and also receive alerts for driving violations, such as excessive idling, braking or acceleration. It helps to make sure that driver is behaving properly during journey and identify the route deviations. Monitoring the school bus journey is easy as they are able track the movement of all the buses with advanced GPS technology.

Trinetra vehicle tracking application also makes it simple to identify misuse of vehicles, unauthorized trips, or routes, or entry into areas not permitted. Utilisation of dashboard and parent mobile apps helps to monitor location and movement for both parents and transport manager. Additional security measures, such as RFID integration, are implemented to track the entry and exit of students from the school bus with help of RFID card punch misses and data.

With Trinetra’s user-friendly school bus tracking system for fleet management solution implemented, the school administration can now handle parental concerns immediately with the help of the parent mobile app and respond quickly to emergencies like vehicle breakdowns. They get instant alerts and reporting via the app on on-boarding and off-boarding of students. The Fleet Maintenance module available is an additional benefit for the institution which helps in extending vehicle life.


  • Reduces waiting time for parents for school buses
  • Helps in saving on fuel expenditure.
  • Parents can see real-time bus location and receive real-time alerts if buses are running late.
  • Keeps driver engaged with less violation on multiple aspects
  • School Management rules can be inducted and monitored
  • Expectation based monitoring, School based reporting

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