Enhancing School Bus Transportation Safety & Efficiency with Telematics Technology

Fleet Telematics For School Buses

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Solution : School Bus Tracking

May 09, 2023

The Client

The client who approached us runs a number of educational institutions, such as schools and colleges, spread across the state, with students enrolled in large numbers. To manage their transportation requirements, the client needed the help of the latest technology to coordinate and run the vehicles involved. They need a school bus management application customised to meet their present requirements and future growth, mainly students safety.

Business Requirement

A discussion with the transport manager of the group revealed some pain points to be addressed. The vehicle or bus tracking application for students (mobile application), required that students must be able to see the bus on the Digital Map and the estimated time for arrival on the planned routes, for the stops pre-fixed along the route.

What they needed is a mobile surveillance and management software supported with RFID readers to read the students identity cards and to save the data in the server for future use or verification. The fleet management app also required fuel sensors installed to read and send the fuel level data of each vehicle to help them in reducing running costs.

The client not only needed to ensure students’ safety during the trip but also make sure that driver behaviour is properly monitored during the journey or the trips made across various locations. The same software seeds to identify the unwanted stoppages within the trip time and distance.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra had the right solution configured, with the customisation done on the fleet management software offered to the client. The transport manager can utilise the dashboard to monitor the location of vehicles in real-time. The software can trigger instant alerts and generate reports of driver behaviour if discrepancies occur. Vehicle Telematics offers real-time updates on the shortest route and driver location, and helps send Pop-Up Messages to the stakeholders on alerts and trip updates. RFID-enabled identity cards and readers can be deployed in the school bus tracking system.

The school bus monitoring system decreases instances of fuel theft and in many ways helps to achieve Operational Excellence and maximize the reliability, accountability and stability of operations. The video telematics system with dashcams enables a seamless vehicle journey and safety of occupants. It helps to optimize energy management and also to gain insight into drivers’ behaviour in real-time.


  • Monitor & Optimize fuel and energy management
  • Optimize operations with visibility of over 30%
  • High visibility of fleet movement with GPS location tracking
  • Managers get automated real-time alerts on various parameters
  • Keeps driver engaged for fewer violations on multiple aspects
  • Fleet Management rules can be inducted and monitored as per the requirement
  • Expectation-based monitoring and event-based reporting
  • Evolving hardware and software updates

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