Have 100% visibility on your fleet from the start to end of trip to identify unwanted stoppage & alert on the unauthorized door open

Fleet management software for Trucks

Industry : Transportation & Logistics

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Nov 16, 2021


A client who is in the logistics and transport business, primarily operates a fleet of trucks for lumber transportation, serving their clientele across the country. They approached Trinetra Wireless to find a solution for their wood and lumber transporting trucks plying the roads over the length and breadth of the country. These heavy vehicles were hauling loads from one location to another location constantly. Their fleet managers required to monitor and track the fleet’s movement to improve upon safety, productivity and efficiency.

The Problem Outline

The Trinetra team took a briefing from this client. And the team identified their pain points and challenges that needed to be addressed. These factors were affecting the operations and their fleet management. They pain points identified were as follows:

  • To secure door lock to reduce any mishaps
  • Ensure On-time customer location arrival and data
  • To identify unwanted idling time of vehicle
  • To locate each vehicle in the fleet and track all operations of fleet
  • Enable safety training for drivers to ensure safety of men and material.

The fleet managers wanted to ensure that the vehicle identified takes the prompt route. This will also help better visibility of ETA to the end customer on vehicle movement. The vehicle monitoring system also can make sure that driver behavior is proper during the journey. It can give complete control over trucks to avoid unwanted vehicle stoppages on unauthorized zones.

The Solution Summary

After discussions with all stakeholder the Trinetra’s fleet management software solution was customized for the client’s container trucks. With this solution and cargo telemetry the client now can stay connected and get 100% visibility on their fleet of trucks from start to the end of each trip. The solution aims to identify the unwanted stoppages and also to trigger alerts on any unauthorized door opening by installing e-lock. The software enables instant alerts and visibility of the vehicle on 24×7 basis and improves safety. It helps in limiting cost and time for more productivity of lumber transportation. It helps to monitor driver operations, keeping the driver engaged for less violation on multiple aspects and to re-route the vehicle whenever necessary to optimize fleet operations of the lumber trucking service.

Benefits of the Vehicle Monitoring System

  • To ensure On-Time customer location arrival and data.
  • To identify unwanted engine idling and prevent its repetition
  • To gain better visibility of operations and driver behavior with the vehicle movement

Advantages of the customized Fleet Management Software

  • Savings in terms of money as well as resources and time
  • Instant alerts on violation by driver, for reducing the maintenance & fuel costs
  • Customer business rules can be inducted and monitored
  • Ever evolving hardware and software updates
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting

Client testimonials

“We are now using this fleet management & truck monitoring system and feel we have gained better control over our fleet, operations and personnel. Getting up-to-date information and using the GPS tracking tech, it has helped us utilize our vehicles very efficiently, helping us to save time and money. We are able to satisfy our customers and keep up safety in our operations”.

– Fleet Manager.

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