The solution provides the administration crucial data to communicate to parents about the safety & well-being of their children

School bus fleet management software

Industry : Educational Institutions

Solution : School Bus Tracking

Dec 24, 2021


The client is a school administration that wanted a customized solution to track their school bus transportation and provide both the administration as well as parents with data about the location and movement of the buses to ensure safety and well-being of the students. They approached Trinetra Wireless for this solution which could be developed with the fleet management software that Trinetra has developed for use in various sectors. Transport Managers will find their job easy once they implement to track and monitor fleet of buses.

The Problem Outline

The Trinetra team got a briefing from the client first. The team took into consideration all the pain points and other issues faced by the school Transport Manager for the transportation of students over various planned routes to pick up and drop students at various locations.

The first priority was the safety of the students. Parents have entrusted the responsibility of caring their children to the school administration during the school hours and subsequent journeys to and from school to destinations (stops). The client needed a way to communicate with the parents about the whereabouts of their children and with whom they are with during the time of the bus journeys. The solution had to also monitor the timely pick-up and drop of students.  The task involved locating each vehicle in the fleet of school buses and their movement/operation. The solution also had to support the drivers who had undergone safety training to ensure safety of both students and drivers.

The Solution Summary

The Trinetra team customized the software solution provided as per the requirements of the client. The school fleet management system was enabled to have instant alerts on the pick up or drop off of each student at various stop points. The fleet tracking software can help in limiting speed vents and harsh braking incidents from recurring besides simultaneously monitoring driver behavior. The GPS Vehicle tracking system enabled application is web hosted and the management allows staff to visualize the position of a bus on the digital map to help respond easily and quickly to parents’ queries.

The fleet monitoring software has inbuilt features to help savings in terms of fuel cost and instant alerts set for violations by driver. The fleet management application assures both administration and management that SOPS (pick up/drop off) are performed as scheduled. This fleet management solution is user friendly with mapping and graphics perfect for use. The system can be customized for expectation based monitoring and custom based reporting


  • 15+ countries implemented, with 13,000 active device count
  • Reduce fuel cost by 40%
  • 22% increase in driver’s good driver behavior

Client testimonials

“Having implemented this fleet management & monitoring system, we feel that we have now improved control on our institution’s fleet of buses and operations and visibility for the staff. Up-to-date information and the GPS tracking technology has assisted our administration to utilise the fleet very efficiently, besides serving us to save time and costs. To ensure safety in our operations and of our students, is our priority”.

– Fleet Manager.

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