The Application of GPS Technology Revolutionizes Fleet Management for Fleet Managers

Fleet Management For Transport & Logistics Industry

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Sep 14, 2021


Trinetra was approached by a reputable transport company with logistics and transport operations across the nation, seeking a fleet management solution. Their primary objectives included ensuring timely vehicle deliveries to customers and providing enhanced visibility to end customers regarding vehicle movements.

The Problem Outline

After a client briefing, our team identified their pain points. The client aimed to guarantee on-time customer service while maximizing vehicle utilization to enhance efficiency. The solution needed to facilitate precise vehicle tracking within the fleet, monitor all fleet operations, support driver safety training and provide in-cabin alerts for any breaches. The desired solution was also expected to enhance fleet productivity through detailed data insights from GPS-enabled tracking and monitoring of specified parameters.

The Solution Summary

Subsequent discussions with the company’s requirements led our team to offer a customized solution addressing their challenges. The monitoring system, utilizing GPS technology, ensures drivers behave responsibly during journeys and identifies violations, primarily breaches to improve productivity. The solution offers on-demand location status of vehicles, enabling real-time monitoring of unauthorized stoppages, route deviations, necessary detours and seamless re-routing.

The real-time GPS fleet tracking system minimizes violations by triggering alerts when necessary, keeping drivers engaged and compliant in multiple aspects. It grants complete control over trucks, preventing unwanted vehicle stoppages in unauthorized zones. The system provides instant alerts and 24/7 vehicle visibility, reducing costs and ensuring timely vehicle deliveries to customers with improved visibility.

Key Advantages

  • Reduces unwanted idling time and unscheduled stops during journeys.
  • Lowers fuel usage of the vehicles.
  • Decreases product damage due to unsafe driving habits.
  • Keeps drivers engaged, leading to fewer violations in multiple aspects.

The Outcome / Result

  • Enhances daily operations and cost savings.
  • Successfully curtails unwanted idling and unplanned stoppages.
  • Reduces idling time and fuel consumption by up to 20%.
  • Optimizes operations with over 30% increased visibility.
  • Facilitates the induction and monitoring of customer business rules.
  • Allows for ever-evolving hardware and software updates.
  • Supports expectation-based monitoring and custom-based reporting.


  • Implemented in 15+ countries with over 13,000 active devices.
  • Reduces wastage by nearly 40%.
  • Achieves a 22% improvement in driver’s good driving behavior.
  • Reduces manual intervention, saving up to 2.5 hours per day.
  • Almost doubles the number of deliveries per day.

As a trusted fleet management solution provider with extensive experience in the transportation & logistics industry, Trinetra is dedicated to revolutionizing your fleet operations through advanced GPS vehicle tracking technology. Our tailored solutions ensure efficiency, safety, and cost savings while providing the visibility and control you need to excel in this dynamic sector.

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