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Sep 14, 2021


Trinetra was approached by a transport company of repute who has logistics and transport operations all over the nation, for a fleet management solution. They were in particular looking at ways to ensure vehicles are available at the customer place on time and wanted better visibility to end-customer on vehicle movement.

The Problem Outline

After a briefing from the client our team discussed to identify their pain points. The client wanted to ensure on-time service to the customer. Additionally, the company wanted to fully utilize vehicles to maximize efficiency. The solution should help in locating each vehicle in the fleet and in tracking all operations of the fleet. It should also enable safety training for the drivers to ensure safety of men and material in transit. They required also In-cabin Alerts on any breaches happening. The solution they needed has to Improve fleet productivity with help of detailed data insights provided by the software solution enabled with GPS tracking and by monitoring specified parameters.

The Solution Summary

Subsequent deliberation over the requirements of the company had our team offer a customised solution that will address their pain points. This solution’s monitoring system uses GPS and makes sure that driver is behaves properly during journey. The system helps to Identify the violations, mainly of the breaches, and thereby improve productivity. The solution’s on-demand location status of vehicles helps to driver’s live monitor unauthorised stoppages, route deviation or necessary detour and to re-route whenever necessary for undisturbed operations.

Using the real-time GPS fleet tracking system, it helps to keep a down violation by triggering alerts as and when required. This will keep driver engaged with less violation on multiple aspects. and makes sure that driver behaves properly during journey. Complete control over trucks helps to avoid unwanted vehicle stoppage on unauthorised zones. The system will have instant alerts and provides visibility of the vehicle on 24×7 basis, helping to limit costs and time for more productivity. The software ensures vehicle available at customer place on time with Better visibility to end customer on vehicle movement.

Some Key Advantages

  • Reduces unwanted idling time & unscheduled stops during journey
  • Reduces Fuel Usage of the vehicle
  • Reduces the product damage due to unsafe driving habits
  • Keeps driver engaged to help with lesser violations on multiple aspects

The Outcome / Result

  • Improves upon daily operations and cost savings
  • Arrested successfully unwanted idling, unplanned stoppages
  • Reduced idling time and fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Optimized operations with visibility of over 30%
  • Customer business rules can be inducted and monitored
  • Ever evolving hardware and software updates possible
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting


  • Implemented in15+ countries with 13000 active devices on count
  • Reduces wastage by nearly 40%
  • 22% improvement in driver’s good driving behaviour
  • Reducing manual intervention and save up to 2.5 hours a day
  • Almost twice as many the deliveries per day

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