Have an intelligent sensing system installed to monitor temperature and humidity inside refrigerator trucks

Refrigerated Truck Monitoring System

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Solution : IoT - Remote Asset Monitoring

Oct 04, 2021


The client who runs a logistics and transport company has a large fleet of reefer trucks within their service, covering the whole nation. They approached Trinetra t-Sense to get a solution for the refer trucks plying the length and breadth of the country, which carried always a payload of perishables from point to point. They wanted to monitor and control the fleet’s operations to improve quality, productivity and efficiency.

The Problem Outline

After a briefing got from the client, the Trinetra team identifies certain pain points that were persistently bothering the client and affecting their business operations. They were as follows:

  • To ensure perishable good transported kept its freshness up to customer point
  • Gain better visibility of temperature for end customer during vehicle movement
  • To make sure that driver behaves properly during journey
  • To get complete control over the trucks, to avoid unplanned or unwanted vehicle stoppages in unauthorized zones

The client wanted on-time temperature alerts during the journeys of the vehicle (reefer truck) and ensure safety of perishable goods during operations. By locating each vehicle in the fleet and tracking all operations of the fleet, the client intended to improve quality of their business. The solution would help in safety training of the drivers to ensure safety of men and material for the company.

The Solution Summary

After a discussion on the requirements of the client, our team came up with a customised solution that would address the pain points. The fleet management solution will have instant alerts enabled against the parameters identified and help in providing visibility of the vehicle 24×7. The fleet management software helps in limiting cost and time for more productivity of the fleet of refrigerated trucks. The solution helps to monitor the driver on the job and reroute whenever necessary to optimise operations. The monitoring system keeps driver engaged, helping with lesser violation on multiple aspects. It will have an intelligent sensing system to monitor temperature and humidity inside refrigerator trucks based on IoT technology, to ensure the quality of products while in transit.

The GPS enabled software triggers instant alerts on violations by driver for reducing the maintenance and fuel costs. Savings in terms of money as well as resource and time is substantial by implementing the FMS software. Trinetra software solution helps customer business rules to be inducted and monitored. The solution has ever evolving hardware and software updates to keep the system contemporary, scalable and efficient. It provides expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting


  • Improves upon daily operations and on cost savings
  • Successfully arrests unwanted idling, unplanned stoppages
  • Reduced idling time and saves fuel consumption by up to 20%
  • Optimized operations with visibility of over 30%
  • Customer business rules can be inducted and monitored
  • Ever evolving hardware and software updates possible
  • Expectation based monitoring, custom based reporting

The Outcome / Result

  • Accelerate your Payment Cycle by 40%, by quick updates and real-time data
  • Vehicle dispatch and efficiency of operations can be improved by simplifying Scheduling with centralized fleet management system and quick dispatch of the vehicle
  • Manpower cost incurred for managing the fleet can be cut down by 17-30%
  • Pre-emptive alerts on the vehicle maintenance will boost vehicle life span by 24%

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