Streamlining Operations & Enhancing Efficiency in Poultry Transportation

Poultry Fleet Management

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Nov 28, 2023

The Client

In the dynamic world of poultry transportation and logistics, efficiency and precision are paramount. Transport managers in the poultry industry face a myriad of challenges, from ensuring the safety of the livestock to optimizing fuel consumption. Trinetra Wireless, a leading fleet management software provider, has successfully addressed these pain points for a prominent poultry industry player, revolutionizing their operations and setting a new standard for excellence in the field. With cutting-edge solutions, they pave the way for enhanced efficiency and safety across the entire poultry supply chain.

Business Requirement

The client approached Trinetra Wireless with several critical pain points in their poultry transportation and logistics operations. Their requirements were as follows.

  • Video Telematics: The need for video telematics, including dashcams to monitor the windscreen and driver behavior, along with dome cameras inside containers to assess the health of chicks.
  • Door Sensor Integration: Identification of unauthorized door openings and closures during transportation.
  • Fuel Calibration Accuracy: Ensuring precise fuel calibration for optimal efficiency.
  • Customized Consignment Delivery Reports: Tailored reports for consignment deliveries.
  • Drivers Attendance Report Sheet: Efficient tracking and reporting of driver attendance.

Trinetra Solution

Trinetra Wireless provided an integrated fleet monitoring solution specifically designed for the poultry industry. The solution included:

  • Full Visibility and Monitoring: Real-time tracking of vehicles, temperature, and humidity within containers.
  • Customized Reports: Detailed consignment delivery reports and driver attendance sheets.
  • Event-Based Monitoring: Instant alerts for unauthorized door access, extreme speed, acceleration, braking, and idling.
  • Live Stock Visibility: High visibility on livestock in real-time, with health monitoring and instant alerts on temperature breaches.


The implementation of Trinetra’s fleet management solution brought about transformative benefits for the poultry industry client:

  • Enhanced Livestock Monitoring: Real-time visibility into the condition of chicken through video telematics.
  • Efficient Operations: Reduction in idle times, leading to a 20% decrease in fuel consumption.
  • Optimized Operations: Over 30% increase in operational visibility, enabling better decision-making.
  • Instant Reporting: Delivery of consignment reports to end-customers at the time of chicken delivery.

This solution enhances the client’s fleet management, providing end-to-end visibility, control and efficiency. Trinetra’s fleet monitoring solution for the poultry industry sets a new standard for accuracy and effectiveness in this specialized field.


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