On-time food distribution challenge solved by Trinetra FMS software

Fleet Management solution for Fresh food industry

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Solution : Vehicle Monitoring

Jan 28, 2020

The Client

The client operates in Karnataka and is a leading food products manufacturer and distributor across the south with more than 100 vehicles serving 400+ outlets across the region.

The Business Requirement

As the company serves a large region for distribution of fresh food, the main objective is to monitor the 100+ vehicles running on the field with effective fleet tracking solution. A real time alerts and notification system was required for monitoring the vehicles’ wait time at every distribution outlet or store, for those that reach the store and an advanced and comprehensive report was needed to be generated for the dispatch manager, who had to take timely decisions for the distribution system.

The Solution Implementation

The client uses 100+ vehicles for the distribution of fresh foods to their outlets or stores which are across south of India. Their vehicles had to reach the destined outlet within a particular fixed time, so as to cover all the outlets, as fresh food has to be delivered in the current time given, to avoid wastage.

The fleet management solution is needed to streamline and monitor the distribution. Trinetra provided the efficient vehicle tracking, live monitoring and the reporting system, for vehicles that spent time at a particular location, with IN and OUT time logs. The vehicles plan to cover 30 outlets per day.

So, Trinetra provided the instant alerts on vehicle entering the location and leaving it with user-friendly geozone module, followed with customised report to monitor the areas the vehicle covered in a particular trip, with distance travelled and time spent in each location accounted.

Through continuous monitoring and driver education, there’s increased visibility and better streamlining of trips. There is higher productivity for the business across south India.

With the vehicle and driver management process system in place, the client is able to utilise their vehicles to the full potential. It also provided them confidence to increase the number of outlets and vehicles, which led to business expansion to other regions and increase in revenue.

Trinetra provided the client with the powerful GPS Fleet Management solution along with exception based Geozone to avoid delay in reaching the locations by taking immediate decisions and corrective actions.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles’ distance with time.
  • Better vehicle & fleet utilization
  • Effective actions to control adhoc request from any of the outlets
  • Satisfy customer with fresh foods & on-time service
  • Increased safe and effective trips for the drivers
  • Alerts for quick business decision-making.

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