Trinetra FMS provides the solution to deploy vehicles with mobile generators.

Industry : Automobile

Solution : Fleet Management

Dec 25, 2019

The Client

The client is a service provider company, for the public sector clients, by providing them with mobile electric power generators on vehicles for power backup purposes on demand.

The Business Requirement

As a service providing company, our client uses vehicles to move mobile power generators to provide power backup to various customers in the public sector. The customers who faced ad hoc power shutdowns, faults and interruptions, also faced the difficulty of arranging power backup with mobile generators and quickly. So, the client essentially needed a solution with GPS enabled devices to monitor in real-time, with updates and to provide immediate support and services

The Solution Implementation

The vehicle mounted mobile generators provided to public sector clients, are high valuable assets that are operated during emergency situations, faced with the challenge of reaching the unit to the location demanded, on-time, when shutdown or other incidents occur.

Trinetra provides the client with the powerful GPS Fleet Management solution along with exception based Geozone, to identify the entry and exit of vehicles within a predefined perimeter or location, along with the timestamp. They can avoid delay in reaching the taking up immediate decisions and corrective actions. The client’s major challenge was to monitor in real-time the various mobile generators and obtain location information on key parameters, about faults besides intelligent data analysis and reporting immediately that’s needed for decision-making. This will in turn help the management to deploy alternative vehicles and maintain things on time, to help the maintenance team and improve customer satisfaction remarkably.

Benefits of the solution

  • Quick business oriented decision making
  • Instant alerts on unwarranted idling
  • On time utilization of vehicles, at every customer point
  • Effective actions to control ad hoc discrepancies on-field
  • Satisfy customer with On time support & service
  • Comprehensive asset monitoring

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