FMS solution tailored to manage trucks & drivers cost-effectively for logistics company

Industry :

Solution : Fleet Management

Jun 20, 2020

The Client

The client is one of a leading logistics and freight forwarding company operating in multiple cities of 1 and 2 tier in India. They have good reputation with their customers and operate more than 150 vehicles across the nation.

The Business Requirement

The client approached us with a requirement to manage instead of manually, the numerous trucks and drivers, they needed to monitor the driver pattern and manage their wages which was being handled manually. Due to manual handling there happened to be sometimes miscommunication and human errors which cost big losses to the company.

The Solution Implementation

As the client is from the logistics and freight handling industry they needed to streamline in a better way their operations to increase productivity and profits. Having analysed the requirements and pain points in detail, Trinetra came up with the solution and provided them with an application tailor-made to overcome their pain points and automate the process.

The application now monitored the driver pattern and managed wages without manual work. Now, the company’s vehicles and driver management is being done online very cost-effectively with their customised Fleet Management software provided by Trinetra Wireless.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate info of vehicle’s location with time.
  • Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver tracked by GPS
  • Increased safety and effective trips for drivers
  • Temperature limit alerts, prolonged door open & closed alerts
  • Idling alert and alerts on entry to & exit from customer point/location.
  • Route Optimization & Planning

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