Trinetra’s FMS software for movers & packers safeguards vehicle and shipments

FMS software for movers & packers

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Jan 28, 2020

The Client

The client who approached us is one of the leading packers and movers, operating across all cities of India. They have in operation 300+ Heavy Vehicles, that provide better service to customers in the top-tier cities of the country.

The Business Requirement

The major objective of the client is to ensure the security of the valuable assets transported in the heavy vehicles. They pack and move valuable assets of their customers from one city to another, or within the city they operate. In the long run, these vehicles may pass many remote locations, where the chances of mishaps remain high and these vehicles need to be monitored for safety.

The Solution Implementation

The client uses more than 300 heavy vehicles in their business of packing and moving assets. Initially the assets would be packed and loaded on to the vehicle and the rear door will be sealed after loading. Once the rear door is sealed and it starts off, there will be no need for opening the sealed door. Furthermore, the driver will have the authorised location where they can stop the vehicle for resting.

The client needed a solution to monitor the vehicles in real time along with route optimisation and wanted a rear door opening and closing alert system activated, after the rear door is sealed, from the customer’s place right up to the desired location to be reached.

Considering the complex requirement of the client, Trinetra have provided the solution by integrating door sensors, GPPS device and Geozone alerts. With the help of this combined solution, the authorised location for the driver to stop can be marked. Alerts will be sent to stakeholders, if the vehicle stops outside the Geozone and deviates the fixed time. Door sensors integrated with the GPS device, records door open and close positions along with real-time location. Thus, with this solution real-time location of the v vehicle, with door open and close details and unauthorised stoppages of the driver, can be monitored effectively.

Benefits of the solution

  • Accurate information of vehicles’ location and distance with time.
  • Better vehicle utilization and route optimisation
  • Unauthorized stoppage of the vehicle by driver can be recorded.
  • Satisfies customers with secure service
  • Increased safety and effective trips for the drivers
  • Alerts for quick business decision-making.

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