Increase vehicle utilization to the fullest with a versatile fleet management software

Increase vehicle utilization to the fullest with a versatile fleet management software

Industry : Transportation & Logistics

Solution :

July 09, 2022


The client in the business of transport and logistics approached us to resolve the problem of vehicle utilisation which had been affecting the profitability of operations in the long run. Another reason was the heterogeneous mix of vehicles in the fleet that needed better planning, scheduling and route management. As we are able to offer a highly customisable software for fleet tracking and vehicle management we offered a solution to address their problem.

The Problem Outline

At the outset, our executives had a discussion with the client to identify their pain points and the challenges that they faced in their operations as a transport and logistics provider. They needed to increase their vehicle utilisation to the fullest in order to reduce the operating cost. By increasing the utilization of the vehicles they intended to increase the efficiency of the fleet operations. With a fleet management solution, they will know how to balance the vehicle utilization disparity. As the software can automate tasks and generate reports in real-time. the software can keep a tab on each vehicle’s mileage, the hours of operation and the downtime for various reasons. This will help them calculate the ROI of their logistic business to improve it.

The Solution Summary

The customised fleet management software we offered has the solution that will help the client to locate and track the vehicle with ease, thanks to the GPS tracking technology incorporated in the application. The application can identify any underutilization with the insights from the dashboard and by reports generated in real-time. Managers can know how to optimize the vehicle utilization with available resources using the reports and thus identify the areas that need to be focused and to be improved.

  • The data insights that are available with Trinetra software help to frame the key performance indicators to inject necessary business rules.
  • Route mapping and better planning is possible now and fleets can do maximum with lowest possible number of trips. Route planning can be provided for each vehicle now and so time and distance can be reduced drastically with help of the software solution.
  • Other parameters like mileage, fuel usage, idling and running hours, aid proactive fleet planning and management besides help managers to identify and categorise the types of vehicle problems that can lead to downtime. Data & Reports can help to plan for future demand and help plan vehicle procurement.
  • As all data is accessible on a web-based application, there is better inter-department coordination.
  • Allocation of the right type of vehicle for the type of consignment to be transported is made easier by accessing data from the software application.

Client testimonial

Operations improved with the help of the fleet management software. We can now locate each vehicle on the digital map and monitor its movement with driver engagement. The customised and automated FMS software, with mobile app integration, improves vehicle utilisation to the maximum, unlike our earlier system. Automated alerts and notifications help managers in keeping safety and prompt service to customers.

– Senior Manager (Head of Operations)

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